Stranger than fiction (or is it?): one man’s journey from far-left terrorist to neo-Nazi ‚ and guess what stayed the same…

Misread the guy’s name as “Horse Mauler.”

If that had been correct, it still wouldn’t be the strangest/most disturbing bit….

Spin, strangeness, and charm

MEMRI’s Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor is not concerned with US PTAs who despise complete reverse-racist tripe “critical race theory”m but with the real hardcore kind. Their latest is devoted to the bizarre case of Horst Mahler and his followers.

I dug a few background details about this stranger-than-fiction character out of the German Wikipedia page (caveat lector).

Horst Mahler’s father, a dentist and apparently a fanatical National Socialist, shot himself when Horst was a middle schooler. He was able to go to college on a merit scholarship: at first he joined the traditional German nationalist “Waffenstudentenverein” Thuringia— an old-school German student fraternity where the members engaged in non-lethal fencing duels in pursuit of the well-known dueling scar. He soon quit Thuringia to join the center-left SPD (social-democratic party),: he was later expelled for joining a more stridently left group, the SDS (Socialist German Student association).

Meanwhile he’d obtained his…

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