Dr. John Cheng, Hero

. The ideal of Mantis Fu is that a small preying mantis can defeat a much larger cicada. The name “Seven Star Preying Mantis” refers to the Big Dipper asterism, which is shown in artwork to look somewhat like a preying mantis. In general, the name is said to mean that students of the art should try to spread it all over the world, so that it will be seen everywhere.

Aliens in This World

If we lived in a world with a news media that wasn’t corrupt, we’d be hearing about Dr. John Cheng every minute of the last week or so.

As terrible as the church shooting of the Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church folks was, Dr. Cheng acted heroically and sacrificially. He epitomized the best of being a doctor along with the best of being a martial arts master. He shone as both a great American and a man of all the virtues, both natural and Christian. And he saved his mother’s life by attacking the shooter and attempting to disarm him, which was an act of great filial love. Reports differ on what happened, but apparently Cheng served as enough of a distraction that other churchgoers were able to join in the attack, knock him down with a chair, and bind him with extension cords.

But a Taiwan Communist who had worked…

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