Signal boost: rebuttal to CNN report on death of Al-Jazeera reporter

Spin, strangeness, and charm

Contemptible News Network, a.k.a. Complete Narrative Network, lives up to its name with a new “report” trying to blame/frame Israel for the killing of Al-Jazeera’s Shirin Abu Akleh.

Read this rebuttal by NY Sun reporter Dovid Efune in a Tw*tter thread, which I’m echoing here in its entirety.


A new @CNN report is now claiming “evidence” that Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was killed in a “targeted attack” by Israeli forces.

It’s a wildly irresponsible report, reminiscent of the al-Durrah libel of 2000 that fueled the deadly 2nd Intifada. 

CNN’s claims defy logic and some are overtly false. The report also makes ample use of multiple discredited sources and uses word tricks to misdirect the reader.

Below is a partial breakdown of the deceitful account and the unanswered questions it leaves. 

CNN essentially offers 4 arguments to make its case. Each of them is problematic. Credit for…

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