Writerly Sound Bites, Number 12: Emotional Continuity for Characters in Fiction

A Song of Joy by Caroline Furlong

Crossover Queen had a thought-provoking post on her site about emotional investment in the characters of her favorite stories. This was spurred by the tumblr post here, which is interesting reading in itself. Both of them pointed out that plots revolving around “saving the world” and a “Chosen One” – as they are presently presented, at least – lack emotional engagement to some degree for the audience.

This is an issue which I have noticed and more or less discussed previously, though not in-depth, here. Declan Finn prompted that article with his post here, which hinted at the same issue and emphasizes the problem discussed at length in the Writerly Sound Bites series: by and large, the market is saturated with writers who have forgotten how to tell stories. Having been trained that the stakes and/or the plot matter more than the characters, they often leave…

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