Sorry And A Sad Announcement

King Harv, of King Harv Coffees, has died.

The folks who do Mars coffee.

His son and grandson can take up his work, but they’ll never take his place; and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want to.

According To Hoyt

As you probably noticed, I didn’t put up a promo post today. Mostly on account of taking a lot of unscheduled naps today. (I blame the cats for this. Havey kept pinning me down and not letting me move.)

I’m now thinking I’ll do the promo this coming Sunday. I always hate to do that, because sometimes people have promos. So, if you have a promo that expires before Sunday, ping me on Discord, or FB or even in my real email (not the promo email) and tell me, and I’ll figure out something.

On – I think, it’s all a blurr since Wednesday — Thursday night, I received sad news.

The King is dead.

King Harv, of King Harv Coffees, which by and large power this blog, passed away from complications of COVID.

You know, the woo flu while generally at this point about the same danger as the…

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