Be An Evangelist of Awesome

A friend shared this nice little love-letter to science fiction and fantasy. The title is my summary of his point.

You like something? Share it! Or nobody will know what it is!

You find someone who doesn’t know it yet? Celebrate, they get to see it all for the first time!

A quote, but go read the whole thing:

I watched my first episode of Star Trek the day my parents brought me home from the hospital, or so my old man used to say. I have no clear recollection having been a couple of days old at the time, but that’s what I was told. Watching that set me on an adventure at the library: I searched for works of Science Fiction. I checked all of the old log books out of the library and started looking for other stuff.

It wasn’t long before the librarian at the local public library handed me a copy of Heinlein’s Citizen of the Galaxy. I spent the next twenty-five years trying to find that book and remember what the name of the author was. By the time I wandered on to the old Baen’s Bar forum site, I figured I’d be lucky if anyone even recognized it. Oops. Way to go, Jimbo. That book is an SF classic. But how did I know that? I was just a kid when I read it, and neither of parents read SF, so they couldn’t help.

Author: Foxfier

Former sailor, current geek, conservative, mother and practicing Catholic. Refugee from the Seattle blob. (No, we DIDN'T vote for those taxes!) Elf is my husband, our kids are Princess, Duchess, Baron, Empress, Chief, the Contessa, and the 7th Son.

3 thoughts on “Be An Evangelist of Awesome”

  1. Hogbody Spradlin:
    1) I am not going to approve your comment, for reasons I will give shortly.

    a) Nobody blocked you over at According to Hoyt; the two times that someone had to be blocked, besides being quite egregious, it deleted the comment, and that causes all other comments in the thread to go nuts. (as well as causing random other issues) You deciding to correct another’s spelling, and being so wrong that even basic spellcheck recognizes the alternate spelling, is still visible on the website.
    b) There is IP blocking in place. It’s for Russia, because when Sarah put that in place her spam dropped to about 5% of what it had previously been. There has also just recently a notable influx of Russian emails; most likely the commonly-spoofed-IP-filter got updated, which is an ongoing trial.

    3) Leaching off of a system has a specific meaning, even if you think that alluding to bloodsuckers is more poetically fitting.

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