Public Service Announcement — Survey Data Request

Survey for anyone who spends more than half their worktime in writing and publishing.

Mad Genius Club

With the kind permission of our gracious hostess, I’d like to draw your attention to a survey for Indie Authors.

Several years ago I joined the Alliance for Independent Authors (abbrev ALLi), an industry group based in the UK with a very substantial US constituency. (You can find out more at the link. They’re helpful in providing advice and some benefits for indie authors.)

I followed the Author Earnings data analysis work while that was being publicly released (it’s now private and sequestered inside the industry), and I advised ALLi when they wanted to solicit some equivalent information self-reported by indie authors, for comparison with the traditional publishing data currently available. While this is obviously not at the detailed data level of Author Earnings, it still has useful light to shed in comparing the traditional and indie publishing industries at a high level.

Here is the information about the survey

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