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Shreds: Save The Planet!!

We’ve lost much of our manufacturing base do to environmental regulations. It is totally not fair to the American worker to expect him to compete in a market stacked against him due to environmental protections that the typical worker in China or Mexico (among others) doesn’t have to abide by.

But what good is mandating that goods be produced with care to the environment when these same goods can be produced elsewhere, the planet be damned, and sold much cheaper (and thereby manufactured more often, damaging the Earth that much more) in the very place where their manufacture has been effectively outlawed… in order to protect the Earth?

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Save the earth!

Why Is St. Patrick’s Day a Big Deal? | The Catholic Geeks

Irish Catholics who came to the United States were entering another heavily Protestant country; in fact, Ireland was and is the only English-speaking Catholic nation in the world. But they were entering a nation that gave them far more opportunity, dirt-poor as they were, to succeed and better themselves and their families. Because as bad as it might have been to be Irish in the United States at the time, the United States still respected hard work. Ultimately, it didn’t matter your origins, as long as you pulled your weight. Factories, docks, and early police forces — jobs few others wanted — were all heavily dominated by Irish immigrants, and that in turn shaped the United States as a whole.

And most importantly, the second reason. They left a country where a priest could be shot on sight to live in a place where they could worship openly. They could go so far as to have great parades in the street, and even if some would get upset, no one tried shooting them.

Can you imagine how different that must have felt?

Source: Why Is St. Patrick’s Day a Big Deal? | The Catholic Geeks

And that’s why Saint Pat’s was often the second largest party– with Independence Day as the bigger.

Catholic Social Teaching: It’s Time to End the Misrepresentations – Crisis Magazine

Pope Leo XIII is credited as being the founder of Catholic Social Teaching.  He would have been appalled by the credit.  He intended nothing other than to apply to current concerns what Jesus taught his apostles and what they handed down to their successors.  His thoughts prescind not from the nature of the spanking new modern state, nor from social advances sometimes more apparent than real, but from the changeless nature of man, discoverable both by reason and by humble attention to the revealed word of God.  Leo never supposed that one could devise any Social Teaching without understanding what a society is to begin with, which requires that we understand what human beings are, and why they are—for what end God made them, male and female, in His image and likeness.  Leo surveys the world from the mountaintop of the faith—not from the mercurial ingenuity of a vain scholar, or the meddlesome pride of an innovator.

Source: Catholic Social Teaching: It’s Time to End the Misrepresentations – Crisis Magazine



Seriously, though, the article is well written and the intro hook is delightfully skilled.

ISIS Inadvertently Proves Bible Historically Accurate |

But just in case you forgot, according to the Bible, King Sennacherib ran a pretty wealthy city around 700 BC and he was all about sacking towns and raking in the Benjamins. Typical bad guy king stuff.

So then he set his sights on the Kingdom of Judah. The Bible states that “Sennacherib king of Assyria advanced and invaded Judah, and laid siege to the fortified towns, intending to demolish them.” Not only did he do that but he talked trash while doing it. I can’t help but be reminded of the scene from the movie The Incredibles when they’re talking about the bad guy has the good guy dead to rights and what does he do? He monologues about how he is all powerful and going to take over the world yadda yadda, thus giving the good guy a chance to escape. Well,  that’s pretty much exactly what happened here. The first known example of monologuing to one’s own detriment.

Source: ISIS Inadvertently Proves Bible Historically Accurate |