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Aliens vs Dogheads

…just go read it.


Comment Reposted Without Further Comment

Well he finally put up 2 blog posts on the subject.

This one is just full of rank dishonesty.
I mean, in this bit:

That right wing culture warriors are treating his outburst as some sort of persecution against the Church and refusing to forgive it is both a refusal of Jesus’ command in the matter of forgiving 70X7 and yet another sign that the culture war perverts the gospel.

That bolded part? A link to a google search of [“Wil Wheaton” insults christians]. Just… HOW does he expect to find incidents of forgiveness when he expressly doesn’t search for it?

The he goes back to the well with:

All I suggest–demand, actually–is that the NRA-occupied Congress stop it’s 21-year war on information and knowledge about out gun violence plague and authorize the CDC to do the study that these lackeys of arms industry human sacrifice have forbidden since 1996.
. . .
So, let the CDC do the study the “thoughts and prayers” GOP slaves of the NRA forbid.

Wow, look at all those non-existent studies. Ironic for someone that loves to shout “liar” in his combox whenever someone disagrees. I could probably do a whole TAC guest post on the many flaws in Shea’s posts. How this man has anybody believe a word he says is a mystery for the ages.


Community Sans Caritas

A comment at Sarah’s blog:

Communal kitchens for each village and factory were tried by the Chinese during the Great Leap Forward. People had to turn in their cooking equipment to the government so they would have no choice to eat at the village hall. One of the things that quickly developed was cadre leaders used access to food to punish anyone who displeased them (failed to meet quota, tried to take care of their own children, refused sexual or other favors) and rewarded their favorites. And as food supplies ran out, thanks to Mao’s need to export it to pay for weapons and technology, and because of the amazingly mind-bogglingly horrible experiments with farming and crop planting, the kitchens started serving less food, then fake “food.” And people died of starvation with dirt and bark-filled stomachs.

Frank Dikötter’s books about Communist China are excellent but oh merciful Lord are they grim.

One Hundred Years, One Hundred Million Lives

I can’t even grasp the numbers.

Cat Rotator's Quarterly

If I could drape this blog in black crepe, I would today.

On October 25/ November 7, 1917, the Bolshevik Uprising began in St. Petersburg, Russia. The forces unleashed on that day a century ago led to some of the worst moments in the Twentieth Century, and the deaths of over 120,000,000 people. The inception of the Workers’ Paradise led to a mountain of skulls, and more lives stunted, warped, and twisted by suspicion and terror.

But not to worry. The next group will get Communism right this time.

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Reblog: The Injustice of Social Justice

In the first century, Christians took such comprehensive care of their own that St. Luke remarked, “there were no needy persons among them.” During the plagues in the second and third century, Christians attended the needs of the sick and dying who had been abandoned by their pagan physicians and civil leaders. The Christian community went on to establish the first hospitals and orphanages such that, by the fourth century, the scope of their compassion attracted both the notice and ire of the Caesars.

The Injustice of Social Justice  at Crisis Magazine.

For those who are “educated” as I am…. “Flavius Julian” is the guy you might know as “Julian the Apostate” from places like Under The Hood.

Short version?  Imagine your most angry atheist– and this dude blew him out of the water.