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As I find them, I’ll try to update this.

Because having a bunch of random blog posts is silly.

Really quick? These links should open in a new window, so you can just click.

Education.com genera pre-k to about middles school, lots of printables, free for a set amount a month. The grade-based video game lessons are not bad.
Starfall.com This is hands-down the best kindergarten replacement I’ve ever seen. Works for kids who can’t read yet.
Khan Academy Mostly math, mostly for slightly older kids, better for kids who are reading.
Duolingo language classes
Schoolzone Big Workbooks … yes, really, it’s a big help simply because you stop fussing. I have good luck with Scholastic as well, but can’t find the books I’ve actually tested anymore.
Coloring Page worksheets
Kidzone Worksheets I love their tracer pages, so that’s what I linked, but they have more.
Handwriting work sheets. Exactly what it says.
Pronunciation. Helped my daughter with her lisp.

Moral support:
Hifalutin Homeschooler. She’s a hoot.
HSLDA – basically legal support but lots of good resources, too, and have been doing “oh my gosh I couldn’t stand the half-way public schooling thing and now I don’t know where to start” type classes for months. You can do this.

….of course, that means that I’m now going back to find all my old posts. :D Watch this space!

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