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Recently I saw a friend—a man—pilloried on Facebook for asking if #metoo is going too far. “No,” said his female interlocutors. “Women have endured far too many years of harassment, humiliation, and injustice. We’ll tell you when it’s gone too far.” But I’m part of that “we,” and I say it is going too far.


But we won’t count, to the hysterical.


“The American Bishops” Have NOT Weighed In On Net Neutrality

From Crisis:

Bishop Christopher Coyne of Burlington, New Hampshire (who is chairman of the Communications Committee of the USCCB) has announced his opposition to efforts by the current Republican FCC chairman to overturn federal regulation of Internet service providers imposed by the Obama administration back in 2015.

This announcement has been reported as a position of “the bishops,” but it most certainly is not. The announcement speaks to the problematic tendency of USCCB committees to speak out on way too many issues, perhaps on issues where they have no competence. And it also speaks to the resultant confusion among the laity about whether they have to take this announcement to heart as faithful Catholics, or whether than can reject it out of hand.

The article has a decent summary of what “Net Neutrality” involves, and flatly states what it is– declaring that the internet is a public utility, like land-lines and electricity. Seeing as the Phone Company is just slightly below the Post Office in terms of customer service, and that the temporary regulations they’re trying to remove were part of a power-grab by the same guys who weaponized the IRS, this is a really bad thing even before you look at specifics.

Big points to the author for being aware that “net neutrality” is being funded by big companies– even as the videos against it declare that is who they’re fighting.

The Wall Street Journal (link will paywall, but you can search the quote and find the article) points to the behavior of the subsidized and possibly paid protesters, who are part of the self-styled “resistance.” Search for phrases like “with activists putting up cardboard signs that ask if this is the world he wants his children to “inherit.” One sign says, “They will come to know the truth. Dad murdered democracy in cold blood.”” and All Mr. Pai and his colleagues are doing is restoring the freedom that existed until 2015 and allowed the Internet to become a jewel of the U.S. economy and a benefit to the world. But regardless of one’s views on the best way to encourage investment in broadband networks, he doesn’t deserve this appalling treatment. Here’s hoping a few principled Democrats will start loudly condemning the nasty people of the Resistance.

Thinking of buying a weather station for Christmas? Read this first.

Weather stations on sale.

For what it’s worth, we have the accurite indoor and outdoor station…thing…and the +/- 3 degrees thing is true, plus there is a horrible lag in temperature measurement.

Watts Up With That?

Many readers of WUWT have an interest in weather, and specifically temperature. This being “Black Friday”, I thought I’d spend a few minutes talking about some of the home weather stations that are available and being promoted as “deals” this year. I’m going to provide you with some details that might help you avoid purchasing a piece of poorly manufactured equipment that might look pretty, but won’t last and won’t be accurate.

One of the most promoted weather stations out there this year is one by a company called “LaCrosse”. You’ll see this snazzy looking “5 in 1” weather station at Costco, Amazon, and many other places.

They like to bill themselves as a company based in Wisconsin, but make no mistake, everything they sell is manufactured in China, as is this unit. I’ve had a fair amount of personal experience with this company, and the products are generally low-end…

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Comment Reposted Without Further Comment

Well he finally put up 2 blog posts on the subject.

This one is just full of rank dishonesty.
I mean, in this bit:

That right wing culture warriors are treating his outburst as some sort of persecution against the Church and refusing to forgive it is both a refusal of Jesus’ command in the matter of forgiving 70X7 and yet another sign that the culture war perverts the gospel.

That bolded part? A link to a google search of [“Wil Wheaton” insults christians]. Just… HOW does he expect to find incidents of forgiveness when he expressly doesn’t search for it?

The he goes back to the well with:

All I suggest–demand, actually–is that the NRA-occupied Congress stop it’s 21-year war on information and knowledge about out gun violence plague and authorize the CDC to do the study that these lackeys of arms industry human sacrifice have forbidden since 1996.
. . .
So, let the CDC do the study the “thoughts and prayers” GOP slaves of the NRA forbid.

Wow, look at all those non-existent studies. Ironic for someone that loves to shout “liar” in his combox whenever someone disagrees. I could probably do a whole TAC guest post on the many flaws in Shea’s posts. How this man has anybody believe a word he says is a mystery for the ages.


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