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Most of the news bulletins I’m exposed to are on the radio, as I’m tootling around hither and yon. So it took me a while to discover that what the media call “peace activists”, “anti-racists” and “anti-Nazis” are, in fact, men and women garbed in black from head to toe, including face masks. Thus, as I pointed out on the radio last month, the violence on American streets derives from today’s paramilitary wing of the Democrat Party – antifa – working itself up over yesterday’s paramilitary wing of the Democrat Party – the Ku Klux Klan. Both have stupid pseudo-exotic self-romanticizing names and, as many commentators have observed, both have strict dress codes intended to conceal their identities. From white sheets to black bandanas is a mere fashion evolution: the purpose is the same – to do ugly things one could not confidently do with one’s face known to all.

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The funny thing is I’ve seen the guys assaulting people defended by very “nice” people, because some people will talk using a pseudonym. 

That’s right, because I– along with most of our nation’s founders– will TALK without showing our faces, the KKK is A-OK.

This logic…I do not think it works……


A Beating in Berkeley | The Weekly Standard

As white supremacists go, Joey Gibson makes for a lousy one. For starters, he’s half Japanese. “I don’t feel like I’m Caucasian at all,” he says. Not to be a stickler for the rules, but this kind of talk could get you sent to Master Race remedial school.

And it gets worse. The founder of Patriot Prayer—a Vancouver, Wash.-based operation that sponsors rallies and marches promoting freedom and First Amendment rights along with all-purpose unity—also spews hippie-dippie rhetoric like “moderates have to come together” and “love and peace [are] the only way to heal this country.” Joey tends to sound less like an alt-right bully boy than a conflict-resolution facilitator or a Unitarian Sunday school teacher.

For his late August “Liberty Weekend” in the Bay Area, which was to include a free speech rally in San Francisco followed by a “No to Marxism” rally in Berkeley (headed by a local “transsexual patriot”), Joey advertised that “no extremists will be allowed in. No Nazis, Communists, KKK, Antifa, white supremacists .  .  . or white nationalists.” (So much for free speech.) Likewise, the advertised docket of speakers was to include “three blacks, two Hispanics, one Asian, one Samoan, one Muslim, two women, and one white male.” If becoming a liberty movement fixture doesn’t work out for Gibson, he has a promising future as a UC Berkeley admissions officer.

Despite all this, you’d have thought from the avalanche of alarmist walk-up stories that Gibson and friends would be dancing in a “Springtime for Hitler” kick line.

Source: A Beating in Berkeley | The Weekly Standard

This kind of stuff provides cover for the real Nazis and fascists– if everybody is a Nazi, guess what, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Boy who cried wolf, much?

Reasons you shouldn’t trust the SPLC Hate Maps

Not really a good quote I can pull, but there are several links here: Southern Poverty Law Center money machine cashes in on Charlottesville

For what it’s worth, I had the impression the SPLC was rather old, since the whole deal is that they fought the Klan.

…nope, ’71.  In my defense, that well predates me, but…. that’s a century after their big opening, half a century after their peak, and the decade after their (reported…hey, given the times, I’m cynical about how many attacks were false flag) resurgence.

Our Post-Charlottesville Narrative Is A National Embarrassment

It is astonishing that one even has to explain the difference between the two phenomena, but here we go: the Nazis of the Third Reich were part of a brutal war machine that had burned across Western Europe, was threatening the free world, and was fighting for a government that had declared war on the United States. The Charlottesville Nazis, meanwhile—loathsome as they were—were exercising a well-established and perfectly legal constitutional right.

Source: Our Post-Charlottesville Narrative Is A National Embarrassment


You want the bad guys to be open about what they want– well, if they actually want what you claim they do, anyways.

Making it safe to do peaceful public protests no matter the viewpoint rather guts the “you’re a Nazi” accusation.


Seems apropos somehow

Good quote.

Monday Evening

“Suppose that a great commotion arises in the street about something, let us say a lamp-post, which many influential persons desire to pull down. A grey-clad monk, who is the spirit of the Middle Ages, is approached upon the matter, and begins to say, in the arid manner of the Schoolmen, “Let us first of all consider, my brethren, the value of Light. If Light be in itself good–” At this point he is somewhat excusably knocked down. All the people make a rush for the lamp-post, the lamp-post is down in ten minutes, and they go about congratulating each other on their unmediaeval practicality. But as things go on they do not work out so easily. Some people have pulled the lamp-post down because they wanted the electric light; some because they wanted old iron; some because they wanted darkness, because their deeds were evil. Some thought it not…

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One Reason We Didn’t Have Unending Civil Wars | The American Catholic

I resolved to mark it by some token of recognition, which could be no other than a salute of arms. Well aware of the responsibility assumed, and of the criticisms that would follow, as the sequel proved, nothing of that kind could move me in the least. The act could be defended, if needful, by the suggestion that such a salute was not to the cause for which the flag of the Confederacy stood, but to its going down before the flag of the Union. My main reason, however, was one for which I sought no authority nor asked forgiveness. Before us in proud humiliation stood the embodiment of manhood: men whom neither toils and sufferings, nor the fact of death, nor disaster, nor hopelessness could bend from their resolve; standing before us now, thin, worn, and famished, but erect, and with eyes looking level into ours, waking memories that bound us together as no other bond;–was not such manhood to be welcomed back into a Union so tested and assured?”

Source: One Reason We Didn’t Have Unending Civil Wars | The American Catholic

Hiroshima Survivors – The American Catholic

When the atom bombs were dropped and news began to circulate that “Operation Olympic” would not, after all, be necessary, when we learned to our astonishment that we would not be obliged in a few months to rush up the beaches near Tokyo assault-firing while being machine-gunned, mortared, and shelled, for all the practiced phlegm of our tough facades we broke down and cried with relief and joy. We were going to live. We were going to grow to adulthood after all. The killing was all going to be over, and peace was actually going to be the state of things.

Source: Hiroshima Survivors – The American Catholic

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