>Two Women Endangered-

>By Anti-Gun Idiot.

Look, I don’t use the term “idiot” lightly. It’s over used as it is, and loses the pep it needs. But this SOB figured that because he *could* get a list of all folks with concealed carry permits, it was a good idea to publish them.

One woman has had to move to avoid the violent ex she got the CCP for, and another–who was living with a friend– missed her ex by a few days when she moved out of state. Her ex showed up *the next day* announcing that that b*tch had better be ready to use her gun. The friend was recently married and her husband was able to slow down the ex while she called the cops.

A quote to chew on: A state that eagerly puts sex offender data online complete with an interactive map could easily do the same with gun permits, but it does not.
This SOB thinks raping kids is morally the same as having a gun?

Generally, I’m a lot more mild than the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler but I do appreciate the elegance of his solution when it comes to doing a background on this fellow and posting it online. Might be a slightly heavy clue-bat, but it might get the point across that just because you can do something doesn’t make it right.
(On a side note, anyone who thinks Fox news is “far right” needs to go visit AIR– the Emperor is far right, maybe not quite so far as Air America is to the left.)

I’m about mad enough to spit– I’m going in to get my CC soon. I’m a small, young-ish female. I REALLY don’t want to have to use a gun. I don’t have any violent exes, but that kind of list could put me in danger as well, by making a list of places likely to have guns to be stolen. I’m not home all the time, after all.


>Picture this…

>You’re in a small family graveyard; it’s very bare-bones (no pun intended) and there is little more than an inscription on each tombstone. There’s Jesus son of Jose, Maria, Marianna, Jude son of Jesus and Matheo. The DNA you’re able to recover is very sketchy– all you can tell is that Maria and Jesus don’t have the same mother.

Would you then conclude that Jesus is married to Marianna and is the son of Maria? If you knew all these names were common in the roughtly 100 year period that they died, would you assume that they are famous folks even though all tales from that era have zero backing for that assumption? How about if all the information you have about these famous people with common names says that this can’t possibly be their tomb?

Would you still assume they’re the famous folks that you’ve heard of? If so, welcome to my blog, Mr. Cameron.

The actual names are Jesus son of Yose–although one of the guys says that it looks more like the name Hanun to him– Maria, Mariamne, Judah son of Jesus/Hanun and Matai. That’s Jesus, Joseph, a latin Mary, a Jewish Mary and a Matthew.

Any guesses on what I think of this “scholarship”?

>Different information

>I was talking to my mom the other day and she wanted to know if I’d “heard about that internet guy…with one of those blog things you talk about had been arrested”.

I did know about the specific case, but I had to ask for more information to know *which one*. My mom doesn’t seek out technology for a high, but she does know an awful lot about anything she’s exposed to– with three highly inquisitive and argumeative children, she would pretty much have to be. (not sure which came first!)

There’s the one she meant, the guy in egypt.

There’s a guy in Iran.

There’s the Greek guy.

I’m quite sure there are many more–given Iran’s history, I’m surprise this guy isn’t dead yet.

Meanwhile, here in the US of A, we’ve got… weblogs (thats what blog means, mom) from our boys in blue, green and all. (anyone who wants to get snippy about the “boys” part– I like Dame Thatcher’s quote: in language as in life, the male embraces the female.)

In other news, “Every United Nations meeting is either a success or a great success” and now some folks are trying to claim governance of the internet.

Folks, please pardon my lack of manners and skilled conversation, but I have only one thing to say to such folks: screw you.

>Oh what an age!

This showed up at noon, from my Love. He’s stationed in Sasebo, Japan, but right now is floating out at sea somewhere. I am touched beyond being able to put into words, and very greatful.

Also, since we were email-chatting most of the time while he made sure I’d be home for the delivery, I feel almost like he was here for the day. *grin*

>Late night thought

>I love English.

It has a roll, a flow, a rise and fall that can be music and a story at once. Shades of meaning, dozens of words for that, which, in other tongues is a single word and many tones– and meaning is shaded further still by the situation, the tone, even the one to whom you are speaking.

The rules that change, seem to be solidified whimsy, then change again with the times– but always slowly, always so they can be followed, mapped out and understood by those who wish to study.

The frustration of spelling, the mysteries of pronunciation, and always, always, the lovely glitter of a story behind each gem of a word. Simple beads call to heaven, meanings twist like a snake, once alien words join the family and are utterly changed by that event.

I truly love the English Language.

>America. Sometimes, you do things that blow away all hint of despair

>eHere is your story: a young woman runs away from an arranged marriage, jumping into a country where she does not know the language or the culture and secures safety. She adapts. For years she works, becoming well-known for her brains and beauty. She even represents her new home as a member of Parliament.

Eventually, she is involved in a movie related to her childhood– a culture that devalued her for being female. It is beautiful, though slightly depressing, and also clean enough to be shown in a normal school.

The man who produced the movie is killed in the middle of the street in the middle of the day and for months nobody “saw anything.” A five-page letter is held to his body by a knife, including threats to the woman’s life.

The woman is obviously scared, but she does not run– until the high-security building in which she lives kicks her out as a security risk. No-one will help her– until many colleges in the United States hear about her plight and offer her professorship.

She is now in the United States, mostly in DC at the AEI but also in various other organizations.

I was delighted to see this article on National Review because I remember reading on a blog when van Gogh was killed and she was evicted– I knew that many organizations here in the US were offering her a place because of a helpful poster on that blog.

She has arrived and is flourishing, by all appearances.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s lovely, and not just her looks: “Human beings are equal; cultures are not.” This, I can greatly agree with– those cultures that hold that a high good is killing women for being raped or sawing off heads for religious reasons are not as good as a culture that admires those who will get killed trying to protect the woman from being raped, or protect even those religions they violently disagree with from destruction.

I am proud of my country in this event, very proud.

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