>Brain blurb

>Anybody out there familiar with old Irish referances to the elves, Fay, whatchamacall’ems? “The Fair Folk,” “The Good Neighbors,” and so on– speaking nicely of them in hopes that either a) they’d not take offense and do you harm or b) they’d like the names and live up to them. In the stories, the Fay range from helpful and/or milk-souring Brownies to the Elves who might steal your baby and the Kelpie that would eat you given half a chance, or the Red Cap that wanted your blood to die his cap.

I was browsing around new blogs and found this post on “Small but Disorganized.” The guy mentions how many folks talk about “those poor downtrodden Muslims,” – basically, how some folks talk about how the “Religion of Peace” is misunderstood, they’re being treated badly by racists, what have you.

I read that post and something just clicked.

Is “Religion of Peace” the new “Fair Folk”?



>Ever look at words and just think about them? I’ve been staring at a blank post box, the title was a nice default one, and now I’m doing that….

Musing– looks like it comes from the word muse, no idea because my shop hasn’t had a dictionary since it was borrowed a year ago…. So let’s just run with what it looks like.

A muse… personification of a creative outlet. The source or an encouragement to make something.

Now, it means that you’re thinking on something, elaborating, jazzing it up and simplifying it until you understand something.

>A reason I love the Catholic Church….

>Very Flesh, yet Spirit too;
Uncreated, and yet born;
God-and-Man in One agreed,
Very-Life-in-Death indeed,
Fruit of God and Mary’s seed
At once impassible and torn
By pain and suffering here below:
Jesus Christ, whom as our Lord we know

I’d never heard this poem before. It… to use a cleche, it touched me. It’s from the new website from the Bishop’s conferance, Jesus Decoded. Guess they got sick of ignorant questions. (Ignorant isn’t meant as insulting unless you cling to it, coming from me. Ignorant questions where you at least listen to the answer are a GOOD thing.)

Personally, I’m having a bit of irrational enthusiasim that they made this site. A bit of a pain to click through multiple “pages”, but it offers a non-flash version and loaded like a dream. And it’s not ugly! Make them the first not-for-profit (perhaps they’re For Prophit?) to hit all those points!

Anybody reading this and getting the idea that I’m a ball of nerves: I am, but not nearly as bad as this makes it seem; simply put, why post if you’re not upset? Why speak without some sort of reason? (Those of you who know me and started snickering at the idea of me only speaking when I have an idea: random thoughts are a reason! To speak, anyways. Posting takes too long.)

>Home again

>But only for a little while, so I’m going to enjoy being home, rather than taking the time to post. Sorry, folks, but getting out of the tin can is more important, especially since most of the highers are freaking about the inspection we’ve got coming up. Blown out of perportion, but does that fix anything?

Ah, well– here’s my personality test of the whatever. I agree with some of it, but…. I don’t know. Wish I knew myself better!

Oh, and if anyone’s looking for a good book: The Four Loves, by C. S. Lewis. It’s a delightful book, especially given that it’s basically a philosophy book.

(Sorry for the link, Blogger won’t let me post the pretty picture– looks like something Data did in an episode of ST:TNG.)

>"You keep on using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

>I’m beginning to believe that half of all arguments in good faith are based off of folks not meaning the same thing when they say something.

Example: most of my friends here on the ship believe that most of the US is homophobic. I bristle at that based on the use of a psudo-psychiatric word to describe a point of view, since they consider evidence of this “opposition to gay marriage.”

Ok, then we’re also Mormon-a-phobes for not letting THEM marry anyone(s) they want, we’re incest-a-phobes for not letting lecher fathers marry their daughters, andwe’re Islama-phobes for not letting extremist Muslims blow up anybody they wish.

Or, perhaps, there are other reasons for these reactions besides “an irrational fear or hatred.”
(I do try not to assign evil intents to those who disagree with me. For example, I prefer to think that pro-abortion folks really don’t realize, at a gut level, that they are killing a human being. That’s straight science, for anybody who just bristled– but I’ve got sympathy for your reaction, as much as I abhor your view. If I wasn’t a ranch kid I’d probably agree with you.)

Perhaps, in the case of gay marriage, the fact that the original reason for marriage is to religiously join a man and a woman to have children? Traditionally, marriage didn’t even have to involve love– it usually developed, I’d like to believe, but it was a social contract between families.
Government is involved because most religions don’t talk to each other, so you need someone to keep track for legal problems. (This is a major simplification. Down, boy.)
At least in the Catholic Rites, it’s not required that you be able to have children to be married, just that you be able to have natural sex that, if all was well, would result in children. (check http://www.jimmyakin.org, he’s got posts on it and explains better than I do.)

There is no tradition of homosexual marriage. It wasn’t even thought of until very, very recently, and there is no real purpose to it. The best argument I’ve seen is “to make it easier for their partner to inherit/see them in the hospital.” So make a will or change the laws about who gets to see who when deathly ill. Don’t monkey around with a tradition as old as civilization.

Well, that was a tangent. Back to the point! They swear that the cities are “vast boiling cauldrons of anti-homosexual hatred.” (My words, after listening to them for about ten minutes. All five thought a moment, then nodded their heads and said “yeah, most cities. There’s a few that aren’t. Like San Fran.”)

They then proceeded to tell me that I didn’t know this because I grew up in the country, and country people are a lot friendlier. This is odd, because I grew up around a lot of homosexuals, and most of them griped a great deal about how terrible the country was for gay folks as compared to the city. Notably, they didn’t move back to the city full-time.

The main examples my friends came up with to prove how terrible the cities were tended to be stories about a homosexual guy walking into a bar and getting beat up and tossed out. It’s assumed it’s because he’s gay. What if he was just a drunk jerk? Here’s a story: two long-haired guys walk into a cowboy bar. A half hour later, one of them runs out, but the other is caught and beaten so badly that by the time the other comes back, he’s on the porch with his eye in a cup.

Is it because they were a couple?

No, it’s because my quasi-hippy uncle has a life-long bestest-buddy who started insulting the cowboys.
(Uncle won’t say what he said, so it was probably an insult to a female in the bar) That best-buddy is why I call that uncle my “one-eyed crazy uncle.” (It’s fitting, really, although his kids may or may not agree. Not sure about his wife—I love her because she’s family, but he must love her like life itself, because she’ kinda hard to get along with. First thing she ever said to me, as an individual: “do you know that you have the thin, bloodless lips of a natural born killer?”)

For those of you gearing up to say they’re a couple: my mom really didn’t like this guy. She would have mentioned if he was Unk’s boyfriend, and you can’t hide that from a pest of a little sister. Not to mention that Granny would have had a heart attack.

Back to the topic: so, nobody is using the same words to mean the same thing, then they fight over what they THINK they said.

What triggered this post? The example one of the guys came up with to my arguing back: “it’s like trying to convince a Christian that God didn’t create the Earth.”

How much do you want to bet that he meant that he doesn’t believe in a 24-hours to the day week of creation? (Which very few folks believe in anyways.)
Personally, I don’t really care how He made the Earth, or how He made people. I just care that he DID it.

Although I do rather like to poke holes if I think folks are being smug about a false theory…. (Nope, not convinced by classic evolution. I can see the whole fins-to-arms-sometimes-back-to-fins-sometimes-wings stuff, but where do you get extra legs showing up? Or the first fin-thing? I don’t disbelieve in it—but you know, I don’t disbelieve in elves, either.)

>For those who have military loved ones:

>This is a guide on what they can and cannot tell you about where they are and what they’re doing, assuming that there is no other classified reason for them to be silent.

(It’s from the plan of the day from my ship, and I thought it might be liked.)

3. OPSEC NOTE: The following operational information is considered classified and should be protected as such:
a. Precise current or future operational deployment location of surface ships.
b. Planned foreign port calls for all U.S. ships. Foreign port calls of all U.S. vessels are NOT classified after the host government approves visit.
c. Detailed employment schedules are classified due to aggregation of data.
d. Actual dates of current and future surface ship routine operations of any duration, including deployments. All personnel must do their best not to disclose future operational planning. A terrorist group cannot plan an attack if it does not know when the ship will be inport.

OPSEC is Operations Security. Apparently, taking the first letters of words is passe. All the cool kids take chunks out of their words to make super-cool secret names.

>Some things just don’t translate….

>I log on this morning– we pulled into Guam, and we just got out on liberty– and started going through the blogs I look at everyday.

My boyfriend, who is also a geek who plays on his computer on a tropical island, is across the desk from me. He still isn’t quite getting why I’m excited about “some guy called Vodkapundit” putting up a post that has my screen name in it.

This is about as nifty as anything that’s happened since…. *thinks a moment* I made second class, actually. (AT2) (It was only about 8 months ago, probably a bit less, but still!)

I’m nearly positive that mom won’t understand the nifty aspect….

Anybody who comes from Vodkapundit, this place has none of the cool design and such, only odd rambling from my POV.

Be well!

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