>Is it wrong-

>that I don’t even know if I’m singing in Hebrew or Arabic?

Ah, well-

Yalla ya Nasrallah
We’ll screw you inshallah
We’ll send you back to Allah
With all of the Hezbollah


>I do love Star Trek-

>but I’ve always known it was a bit silly. “Oh, we don’t have money in the future.” Uh-huh. Right. In about the same amount of time as the US has been around, human nature has changed world-wide to that extent. Riiiiiight.

Of course, as so often happens, someone else relays what I think in a much better way. Good thing my ego isn’t too inflated, or I’d be horribly upset that I can’t be the first one to think of something.

Follow the link to an outstanding post on the religion of Star Trek– and I don’t mean the Plot Point Of The Day version that comes from Bajor, either. (Look at us! We’re Catholic-organized Random Feelgood Religion with a woman Pope, unless we’re the hyper-religious hatred guys who have the Pope making deals with the devil AND sleeping with SnakeHitler.)

>Where are you?

>Cold of night
Fearful heart
Mindless fright
Worries start
–Where are you?

Future dread
Perhaps I should
Just have faith
But it’s too good
–Where are you?

Other half
Fulfilling part
From our first kiss
The sweetest start
–Where are you?

You’re in my dreams
In every thought
A thousand memes
I’ve been well taught
–Where are you?

I hold your hand
I feel your heat
By you I’ll stand
I am complete
–Here by you.

>Yeah, I don’t post much.

>I work, so sue me. *grin*

Actually, I mostly post here when I have a reason to talk.

I found another reason at a blog– well, livejournal (same difference, mom)– that I read regularly. It’s called The Chronicles of Shadowfox. (I swear, I like his writing, it’s not just because I’ve been Foxfier since high school…. Well, not *just* because.)

Apparently, Shadowfox has the same theory of writing that I do, but finds the time to talk more often. Or is more easily peeved to the point of posting. ;^) Most recently, he let loose on folks who cause the death of tons of wolves every year– enviromentalists. (I think my family will get that, but here’s the post.)


You scored as Dread Pirate Roberts. Letting people thing you are a billy bad ass keeps you in business but when it comes down to it, you’ll do the right thing every time. You are a good person at heart and just can’t help being the hero.

Dread Pirate Roberts


Mary Read


Captain Jack Sparrow


Captain James T. Hook




Black Beard


Will Turner


Morgan Adams


Captain Barbosa


Long John Silvers


What kind of Pirate are you?
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>Brain blurb

>Anybody out there familiar with old Irish referances to the elves, Fay, whatchamacall’ems? “The Fair Folk,” “The Good Neighbors,” and so on– speaking nicely of them in hopes that either a) they’d not take offense and do you harm or b) they’d like the names and live up to them. In the stories, the Fay range from helpful and/or milk-souring Brownies to the Elves who might steal your baby and the Kelpie that would eat you given half a chance, or the Red Cap that wanted your blood to die his cap.

I was browsing around new blogs and found this post on “Small but Disorganized.” The guy mentions how many folks talk about “those poor downtrodden Muslims,” – basically, how some folks talk about how the “Religion of Peace” is misunderstood, they’re being treated badly by racists, what have you.

I read that post and something just clicked.

Is “Religion of Peace” the new “Fair Folk”?

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