>Sorry so quiet….

>We’re working on a big inspection on the ship, and have been on lock down the entire week.

I’ll pry be quiet until the start of next week, if we pass, and much later if we don’t. (It’s unlikely we won’t pass. The captain and XO are going NUTS to make sure, because it’s most likely their job and careers if we fail.)

All in all, I’m happy, though.

Ps-“Next week” means “after the 15th” next week, not “week that starts today”.


>I think I’ve waited long enough.

>Things on the Essex have been a bit hectic, but we’ve been in port for a while and I really should start using this, don’t you suppose?

Of course you do, if you bothered to visit this site. Hi, friends and family!

This might be a bit odd for a while, until I figure out how everything works. Photos to follow, carefully selected to keep the ship safe and me out of trouble.

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Isn’t that nifty?

If anyone’s wondering, I still look pretty much like this. (Taken in San Francisco, last year about this time.)
I usually wear my glasses, but contacts are nice when I don’t want to risk breaking the glasses.

A shot out the bus window during our Intercultural Relations Indoc training– this is a fairly normal area of the city. I need to get a shot of the mall strip and Nimitz park– I REALLY like this area! Posted by Hello

This is on the Mess Decks– from left to right, this is an engineer buddy I work with in the Chiefs’ mess, a computer repairing friend we call the Evil Overlord, and our RP buddy– RP is the enlisted Religious Petty Officer group; they help the Chaplains. Posted by Hello

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