A Temple Dog from a temple actually in Sasebo city. Posted by Hello


This is on the Mess Decks– from left to right, this is an engineer buddy I work with in the Chiefs’ mess, a computer repairing friend we call the Evil Overlord, and our RP buddy– RP is the enlisted Religious Petty Officer group; they help the Chaplains. Posted by Hello


>I just joined Blogspot so that I could reply to blog posts, but I’ve been considering getting one of these started up to keep in contact with folks. (The prospect of being able to talk my head off had nothing to do with it– *really*!)

The title is from an internet writing group I joined in high school; each of us had characters that we wrote in the context of the story. My favorite character was rather charmingly erratic and earned the nickname of “Headnoises.” When my first half-dozen choices for a blog name didn’t work, I chose “head noises.”

Some would argue that the nickname fits me just fine.

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