>Prepare to be angry

>The cells of a human body share its DNA– if a cell does not have the DNA of the body, it is not a cell of that body.

 Not to mickey mouse it, but I’m setting the groundwork, here.

 A zygote, the single cell result of an egg and sperm joining, has unique DNA. Therefore, it is NOT part of either the mother or father’s body. The DNA of a human egg joining with a human sperm is human. Therefore, even when it is only a single cell, a zygote is human.

 This all happens around ten days before the zygote implants in the uterus, by the way. (Or, if birth control pills and/or “emergency birth control pills” have been taken, when the zygote unsuccessfully tries to implant in the hardened walls of the womb. Yes, I know that birth control usually prevents ovulation–usually.)

 A zygote is what many folks refer to as a “fertilized egg.” That’s not exactly true, since the “egg” stopped existing when it joined with the sperm– it’s not like a chicken egg, where there is a shell to define the egg, so that example doesn’t work so well. As I mentioned above, the zygote is not part of the mother or father’s body. It is genetically human. It is alive, as it grows. This is all scientifically true, and I frankly have no patience for anyone who wants to argue something that basic without really good evidence. (See also: color of the sky is blue, water is wet, and dogs don’t give birth to lizards.)

 Thus, the only debate point is this: is that human a person or not? Are YOU willing to be the one who decides which human counts as a person, and thus has rights, especially the right to live? There have been others in the past century that were willing to take up that burden– Godwin’s Law prevents me from pointing out the most famous example. (If you don’t know Godwin’s Law, you can try Google.)

 For those that argue that we should allow the zygote thru fetus to be killed because of rape, incest and/or problems like Down Syndrome, I challenge you to live what you seem to believe: got get a gun and hunt down every member of those groups that you can find, since there’s no moral problem with killing that group of human.

 Incidentally, just about all the royalty of Europe comes from incest, and FDR married his cousin Eleanor Roosevelt. Ethel Waters– a singer in the early 1900s– was born because her twelve year old mother was raped, and Madonna’s mother was talked out of aborting Madonna by a priest. (Well, I suppose some would argue the merits on that case.) For that matter, given the statutory rape laws, most of the first borns in the history of the human race would count as the result of rape– if the mother is under 18, it’s legally rape. (Incidentally, that even applies if the father is under 18.) I figure if you’ve read around online you’ve heard about the “health exception” with Beethoven. This site has more examples. /rant

>Something that’s been bugging me….

>…Ever since I saw it in a Sat morning cartoon, about three months ago. (Hey, it’s boring at sea! That’s my excuse, I’m sticking to it!)

In most of the new Good-vs-Evil stories, we have the good guys as the primary characters– but they’re not trying to win against evil. If you listen when they lay out their game plans, they’re always hammering on about “balance” between the two sides. Balance is great if you’re riding a bike, planning your diet, or using the whole ying/yang deal (male vs female, planning vs chance, great taste vs less filling) but balance for good and evil is just stupid.

By its very essence, evil tries to destroy good– that’s one of the definitions of evil. The only explanation I can think of is that the writers are trying to move fantasy to something more like reality.

 {Pardon me while I take the scenic route to explain my terms; skip this para if you’re not interested. Fantasy involves absolutes. In fantasy, you can have a character who is just evil– no holds barred, dead to rights, don’t have to worry about why evil. It’s also possible to have good guys that are just good, without having to show that they are good. Think of Lord of The Rings– “so I look foul and feel fair, is that it?”– the good of Strider shines through the fact that he looks like a highwayman. (One of the reasons you don’t see much fantasy any more– the original Star Wars was a fantasy, even though it had space ships and aliens.
 Star Trek: the Next Generation would have been what I would call sci fi, even if all the technology was “magic,” the Vulcans were elves and Data was a Golem, because they didn’t have a single bloody villain that was purely evil– the Romulans were honorable, and even the Cardassian that tortured Picard was uber sweet to his daughter and small, fuzzy animals. The new Star Wars tried to do a u-turn to science fiction and just became something odd and beloved only because the original *rocked*.)}

 Back to what I was saying: I think that the folks that write the latest Good vs Evil stories try to keep them from “giving the wrong idea”– it’s not popular to destroy your enemies, these days, so fighting for the destruction of evil is a difficult proposition. Additionally, moral relativism is way too popular.

 “Well, that’s what you believe, and it’s true for you” turns my stomach, but it’s quite popular. Probably because it’s as easy as possible. The thing they don’t seem to grok is that the whole point of GvsE is that it’s absolute– Evil is real, and should be destroyed, whipped out, gotten rid of. You cannot win, but you will surely lose if you go half measures. Evil will beat Good if Good is stupid. I’m getting incoherent, and it’s getting late, so I’ll call it quits there. Hey, it’s my first rant! Drinks all around!


>Started out the day in a poor mood– one of the cooks in the chief’s mess is, well, unpleasant, and has been being extremely rude and unreasonable, not to mention unproffessional. I had to confront him, and he twice did something to the effect of “talk to the hand– I’m not listening”. The Navy has a thing called “informal conflict resolution”– step one, talk to the person you’re having trouble with. So, I’m shaking because I dislike conflict when we all go to quarters. (that’s where they give us the passdown on what’s going on that day) I find out that I’ve got a whiz quiz (random drug test) and they announce the one guy who made third on the petty officer exam. Another person who’s temping raises his hand and mentions that he made it. So, I’m blue while I wait for my quiz– I figured I hadn’t made it, and I still had talking to my supervisor about the cook to “look forward” to.

 Keep in mind, that cook is my boss most of the time, and is a poor enough third that I EXPECT retribution. After my quiz is done, I head over to the listing to make sure I didn’t make it, and see if Elf did– another friend, the RP3, is also looking for the names of friends. We’re chatting while we wait, and I finally get a hold of the list….. My name is on it.

 I look some more, and it does say “selectee”. I look some more; yes, it’s my full name, yes, it’s the right last four of the social, yes, it’s for AT2. I dang near lost any hint of military bearing; Manhave has no idea how close he came to broken ribs from random hugs of joy. Elf didn’t make it, but there were only four folks advanced in his entire RATE, and it’s only his second time up. I’m going to put in for BAH so I can live out on town– there are lots of fairly inexpensive apartments around here, close to the base.

>Sorry so quiet….

>We’re working on a big inspection on the ship, and have been on lock down the entire week.

I’ll pry be quiet until the start of next week, if we pass, and much later if we don’t. (It’s unlikely we won’t pass. The captain and XO are going NUTS to make sure, because it’s most likely their job and careers if we fail.)

All in all, I’m happy, though.

Ps-“Next week” means “after the 15th” next week, not “week that starts today”.

>I think I’ve waited long enough.

>Things on the Essex have been a bit hectic, but we’ve been in port for a while and I really should start using this, don’t you suppose?

Of course you do, if you bothered to visit this site. Hi, friends and family!

This might be a bit odd for a while, until I figure out how everything works. Photos to follow, carefully selected to keep the ship safe and me out of trouble.

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