Why We Shouldn’t Watch Cuties | C. C. Pecknold | First Things

Some saw a broader trend on display here, not only the normalization of the pedophilic gaze, but also liberal society reaching its perverted telos. After the Netflix non-apology, Princeton’s Robert P. George spelled out such broader implications: “I’ve long said that our society’s dirtiest little secret is the sexualization of children. It was only ‘secret’ in the sense that people could pretend not to know. With Netflix’s ‘Cuties,’ that is no longer possible. You know. Everyone knows. No one can credibly deny knowing.”  

Sensitive patience with challenging artwork is often commendable. Yet in this case, I think the gag reflex is far more reliable, morally speaking, than the trust that elites often place in vetted purveyors of cultural production. Cuties invites us to gaze for hours upon sexualized images of young girls against the backdrop of Islamic veils, honor, modesty, custom. Whatever the intentions of the filmmaker, or Netflix, your average American is not yet so morally supine as to be blind to the next con.  

Why We Shouldn’t Watch Cuties | C. C. Pecknold | First Things

The “next” con?

Excuse me, have you been asleep for the last generation or two? D’you think the gal who made the film was imagining things when she talked about what she saw as a pre-teen kid?

Why the heck is this only a problem when there’s a Netflix film of it that’s critical– rather than, as I explained to a blog-friend, it’s what your average mom has to fight against if their daughter is in a dancing and gymnastics class?

The costumes and behavior sure as heck isn’t anything new. Spend a few seconds looking for “dance moms” (the TV show, or the non-reality TV folks) or “pre-teen cheer camp” or anything similar, anytime in the last two or three decades.

It being framed as sexual behavior being sexual? THAT is unusual. It makes people think about what they’ve been perfectly fine with….up to this point.

Heck yeah it’s disgusting– so why did it take this long for y’all to figure out the “prudes” who didn’t want their little daughters dancing in two-piece swimsuits might have a point?

I’d say welcome to the party, but the response seems to be killing the messenger, not responding to the message!

The Homeschool Freshman Fifteen – Hifalutin Homeschooler

Movies and documentaries are often as (or more) effective that a boring chapter in a textbook. They’re not always completely accurate, but that gives you a springboard to assign research and more discussion. Plus, viewing movies frees up hands for… You guessed it, food!

via The Homeschool Freshman Fifteen – Hifalutin Homeschooler

Yes, THIS!!!!

Partly because so much of the stuff for kids is so poorly done– there isn’t even anything you can use to do more research, while documentary videos do have that, if only to make noise while they do the long, slow pan over neat stuff.  (Kind of like the opposite of transcripts vs clips for political speeches.)

I’m Old Enough That I Recall When Book Burning Was a Bad Thing – The American Catholic

You may be a Fascist if:

Your response to an opposing viewpoint is to punch someone in the face.
You celebrate violent extremists who dress in black.
You engage in street battles to silence those who oppose your movement.
You believe those who oppose your group have no rights that you need to respect.
You idolize a totalitarian dictatorship of the past.
Your idea of a rational debate is to shout someone down.
You hate the Founding Fathers.
You give a thumbs up to this statement:  The political bourgeoisie is about to leave the stage of history. In its place advance the oppressed producers of the head and hand, the forces of Labor, to being their historical mission.
You are a racist.
Your banner has the colors red, white and black.
You engage in book burning,
You persecute people because of their religion.
You are in cahoots with local authorities who attempt to protect you from the legal consequences of your crimes.
You attack cops who attempt to arrest you for said crimes.
You attack motorists (Language advisory as to the below video.

via I’m Old Enough That I Recall When Book Burning Was a Bad Thing – The American Catholic

Link should work– if you have old TAC links, you can make them work by removing the www. in the URL.  No, I don’t know why that works, it just does.

Book A Private Screening At Your Local Cinemark Movie Theatre

via Book A Private Screening At Your Local Cinemark Movie Theatre

While I’m annoyed at Cinemark for going into the kung flu kabuki*, this is a brilliant solution.

For $100 you get an auditorium for up to 20 people, to watch a movie from their selection, and they discount the concessions, too.

*All they had to do was say “we are dedicated to your health and will be following all advice of local and state health departments.”  For Iowa, that would mean asking people to strongly consider a mask.  Nope, they went straight to forcing it.  F that.

Covid-19 and the Limits of Obedience – Crisis Magazine

In his Pocket Catholic Dictionary, Father John Hardon defines obedience as “[t]he moral virtue that inclines the will to comply with the will of another who has the right to command.” It is that last part of the definition—“who has the right to command”—which is often forgotten or misunderstood. There are two components that give someone the right to command: the “who” commanding and the “what” being commanded.

First, the “who.” Is the person in a position of authority? If a stranger were to walk up to you and command you to mow his grass, you would have no obligation to obey that command, even if that stranger were the Commander of the Army (assuming you’re not in the Army, of course). A person must be given authority over you, either by another authority or voluntarily by you, in order to demand your obedience.

via Covid-19 and the Limits of Obedience – Crisis Magazine

Well, that is timely– and not in relation to the kung flu, either.

Over at Crossover Queen’s Creative Chaos she made a similar point, with “boundary violations.”

More words to try to put a finger on what, exactly, is wrong with what someone is doing.

Discredited Down to the Ground | Blog & Mablog

Now in any normal situation, if he had been any other student, he would have been promptly expelled. But because of the influential position of his father, and the fact that his mother was so highly thought of, the board had a special marathon board meeting over the entire saga, at the end of which meeting he was suspended for three days, and placed on probation. He was sternly informed by the superintendent that the school was going to have “zero tolerance” for any kind of misbehavior from him at all, and if there was one more misstep, even the teeniest, he was going to be one gone cat.

Now here is wisdom. The dithering involved in all this did not mean that this student wouldn’t be expelled. That was plainly just a matter of time. It simply meant that when he was finally expelled, it would not be for the clear-cut high crimes against the moral order that he had committed, but rather for leaving his shoes deliberately untied, a manifest uniform violation. The last straw, but a small one.

And then the school would be upbraided for having lost all sense of proportion. You expelled a student over that?

via Discredited Down to the Ground | Blog & Mablog

I have spent a lot of time trying to get this across to people.

Yeah, the news says they were kicked out for “just XYZ!”

As my mom, when she was teaching me to ask questions, said– yeah, and what did he do before that?  How many “one more chance”es did he spend?  How many innocents paid for the continuing “just one more chance” favors?

“Help I’m Being Repressed!” – The Writer in Black

Add in that as much as they scream about a “right to protest” there is no “right” to do the things they are doing.  There is no “right” to vandalism just because you call it “protest”.  There is not right to riot just because you call it protest.  There is no right to arson just because you call it protest.  There is no right to looting just because you call it protest.  There is no right to doxing just because you call it protest.  There is no right to breaking and entering just because you call it protest.  There is no right to detain people against their will (blocking traffic and otherwise interfering with people’s lawful free movement) just because you call it protest.  And there certainly is no right to assault and battery just because you call it protest.

There is no “right to protest” that makes illegal things legal.  There are certain things that the government is forbidden from prohibiting, certain rights you have that can be used for protest, things like free speech, a free press, the right to peaceable assembly (those things in the preceding paragraph are not peaceable, they are pretty much the exact opposite of peaceable), and the right to petition government for redress of grievances.  But criminal acts are still criminal acts even if done in the name of “protest.”

via “Help I’m Being Repressed!” – The Writer in Black

Yeah, this.

Incidentally, I am quite literally designing a throw pillow to embroider.  (For a friend.)

It is going to be two sided, so that he won’t scandalize relatives, but the relevant side starts: “Behold, the field wherein I grow my F-” and it’s sailor from there.

(So is he, actually….)


This guy does lovely work– ran into it via his Saint Michael, who actually looks like someone who can actually lead the armies of heaven (it’s in the Saint’s coloring book)– and is offering a free to print coloring book.

For the benefit of the faithful who are isolated during the current epidemic, I am providing printable artwork to assist prayer and worship in the home. Here are pages including medieval prayers against pestilence, invoking the intercession of St. Sebastian (Sebastiane Martyrum) and the Blessed Virgin Mary (Stella Cæli Extirpavit).

I wrote my own poetic translation of the Marian hymn Stella Cæli Extirpavit. This same hymn inspired a longer Middle English poem by John Lydgate. I have made a printable page for this also.

I will try to make more printable sheets for hymns, prayers or poems appropriate to the moment. If you have any to suggest, please send them to me.

Click on the thumbnail images to download the files; these are formatted as 300dpi bitmap images on 8 1/2″ × 11″ pages. I permit them to be downloaded, printed and photocopied only for uses not for profit. Feel free to color them if you like.

I do not charge for downloading the files. Donations to support my work are appreciated but unnecessary.


Address to subscribe to his news letter is at the link.

Quick Start Homeschooling – Hifalutin Homeschooler

It’s exactly what it says on the tin.

via Quick Start Homeschooling – Hifalutin Homeschooler

This lady went from having kids in public school to home schooling, so she’s probably a better fit for a lot of folks who are looking around for help right now.

I do not endorse her obsession with pre-boxed curriculum.  My obsession with educational websites like education.com, Starfall, Khan Academy and such is totally different.

The Brand New Homeschooler’s Guide and Workbook – Year Round Homeschooling

The Brand New Homeschooler’s Guide and Workbook

via The Brand New Homeschooler’s Guide and Workbook – Year Round Homeschooling

It’s exactly what it says.

I have zero connection to the lady who runs that site, and more relevantly she wouldn’t know me from Adam’s off ox, I’ve just gotten a few of the packets she sells before and it’s quality work.

This one is free.  (She does that a lot.)  She doesn’t spam, either, I clicked the “send me information on freebies” option when I “bought” the first packet– a copybook.

Reblogging because I know there area lot of parents who are going “If I have to reschedule everything so that I’m home with my kids for all but two days a week when they are allowed to physically go to school, why don’t I just take over teaching them myself?”