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It costs nothing to boldly stand against past evils universally condemned in your time.  It takes amazing courage to attack the popular evils of your day, evils supported by the rich and powerful.

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Good walk-through supporting this, at the link. (It’s a picture.)

Catholic Priest Father Schumacher Among Defenders of St Louis Statue

Moji Sidiqi of the Regional Muslim Action Network, another organizer of the protest,  said: “It’s a revolution. It’s time for change … right now, our number one mission is to take this thing down and sit down with people who want to see positive change take place and continue to heal our country.”

Sidiqi added that she thought the city should be renamed.

The statue, Apotheosis of St. Louis, sits in the city’s Forest Park in front of the Saint Louis Art Museum. It was erected in 1906 and depicts Louis IX of France, for whom the city is named.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, some 200 people were at the protest. Catholics defending the statue at the protest prayed the rosary and sang, and several police officers separated them from the protesters.

Maria Miloscia told the Post-Dispatch that St. Louis “symbolizes deep faith and convictions. I stand for him. And I stand for those Catholic virtues and those Catholic values that I think are important, like courage, faith and love. But ultimately, I’m here for Christ the King.”

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What Racist Said That? – The American Catholic

“Black supremacy is as dangerous as white supremacy, and God is not interested merely in the freedom of black men and brown men and yellow men. God is interested in the freedom of the whole human race and the creation of a society where all men will live together as brothers, and all men will respect the dignity and the worth of all human personality.”

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Which of course makes me remember that the whole Xmen/League of Evil Mutants thing was very obviously inspired by IRL dynamics…which gives me the “I need more coffee” realization that we’ve got freakin’ Magneto fanboys coming out of our ears.

Slate Star Codex

. After considering my options, I decided on the one you see now. If there’s no blog, there’s no story. Or at least the story will have to include some discussion of NYT’s strategy of doxxing random bloggers for clicks.

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Apparently, these guys saw J. Jonah Jameson and decided “Hey, let’s remove everything likable about that character, and make it company policy.”


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Racists Against Racism – The American Catholic

News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

Racism is bad. It’s not just bad, it’s the worst. It’s ridiculous that I even have to say that in 2020, yet here we are. Since nobody seems to want to say it, I will. We must end racism- like, right now.

We can end it, and it’s not even that hard. The only thing we have to do is separate everyone by their race and ethnicity and appoint strong leaders to ensure all the races receive equal treatment. Like, even though they are separate, they’re still equal. It’s a brilliant and much-needed strategy I just now thought of.

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It gets even better (more painful?) from there.

Not sure that the Bee’s sting is obvious enough to get through to anybody who doesn’t already have a sense there’s something off, sadly.

Big Four meatpackers accused of conspiring to inflate beef prices

According to Bloomberg Law, “Cargill Inc., JBS USA, National Beef Packing Co., and Tyson Foods were accused in Minneapolis federal court of conspiring to inflate the price of beef through an industrywide scheme that’s coming to light thanks to federal investigations prompted in part by shortages during the coronavirus pandemic.

“The proposed class action accuses the four meatpacking giants, which together control more than 80% of the industry, of leveraging their ‘gatekeeping’ role atop the concentrated, inelastic wholesale market ‘to collusively control both upstream and downstream beef pricing.’

“Before 2015, cattle and beef prices ‘predictably moved in tandem,’ given that ‘beef is simply processed cattle,’ according to the complaint. But the meatpackers allegedly conspired starting that year to widen the ‘meat margin’—the spread between what they paid for cattle and what they got for beef—to ‘unprecedented’ levels by reducing purchases and running their plants at below capacity.”

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And now we’re all going back over our memories, trying to remember when, exactly, ground beef at $5 a pound was not noteworthy.

Don’t Ban Homeschooling Based on Stereotypes

Professor Bartholet argues in a lengthy Arizona Law Review article that homeschooling is dangerous to US democracy because, among other objections, a “very large proportion of homeschooling parents are ideologically committed to isolating their children from the majority culture and indoctrinating them in views and values that are in serious conflict with that culture.” [2]

(((BIG SNIP)))

Professor Bartholet slams homeschooling because “extreme religious ideologues” are allowed, she says, to raise their children in “near-total isolation” and teach their children views that are in serious conflict with those “generally deemed central in our society.” She suggests, based on outdated data, that up to 90 percent of homeschoolers are in the “conservative Christian wing, including many Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Seventh-day Adventists,” and she claims that they use homeschooling as a cover to indoctrinate their children.[4]

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Thing is, this makes perfect sense– if you recognize that the professor is peaking Progressive, not proper American English.

The “Majority Culture” is the one that she wishes to promote– “Generally deemed central” is among those who agree with the professor, and “indoctrination” is teaching the kids anything that isn’t in alignment with what the professor wants to force the kids to say.

Basically– how dare the targets of my bullying dare escape?

(Trust me, part of why we homeschool is because what they force you to say and what you learn is not the same thing.  1984’s dystopia only ‘worked’ because they could actually torture folks into submitting in the story case.)

The Binary Mind Of The Left – According To Hoyt

By proclaiming “Black Lives Matter” — a statement that’s akin to “the sky is blue or occasionally shading to grey” or “humans are usually bipedal” to most of us who think HUMAN LIFE MATTERS — when no one has ever said “Black Lives don’t matter” what they’re doing is saying you can’t oppose them. Because if you say anything but what they say you’re denying them.

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Which makes perfect sense when you realize there are folks who behave as if “Black Lives” do not matter– when they are innocents.  That’s both abortion, and policies that protect black criminals– who tend to target black innocents*.

Which makes this yet another episode of the Deny, Accuse, Reverse Victim and Offender show; AKA, “accuse others of what you are doing.”

* As do the cartel associated gangs; there was a series of firebombed houses and guys shot gassing up on the way to the office in SoCal at one point because, guess what, criminals are racist as bleep.

A disconnect – westfargomusings

Another thing he spoke of was how the city leaders and protest organizers had met in the days leading up to Friday’s scheduled protest in downtown Fargo. One of the things that they met about was the protestors “demands”, and then admitted that many of the things that were being demanded were already in practice. Now I’ve already spoken (mostly on FB) about how I think these protests around the country (OK, around the world, as I understand there are now riots in the UK over what happened in Minneapolis) are misguided. A bad thing happened that shouldn’t have ever happened. Most departments have training and policies against the actions that the officers took against Mr. Floyd. There was near universal condemnation of what happened. By the next day when the original protests had started the officers involved had already been fired and at least two separate investigations had been started. The system was working. But instead of letting the criminal justice system work itself out, we get protests and riots in places not having issues hundreds, even thousands of miles away from where the problem was. I’m not sure what they think the endgame is gonna be, but right now it looks like they only real result is an excellent chance of getting the case against the officers tossed for lack of the ability to get a fair trial.

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More good points at the original– especially, though he doesn’t say it so rudely, how flippin’ old the experiences most people are pointing at are, and he’s a bit older than I am, and I’m above median for the US– but this seemed like the best quote to pull.

As I said in his comments– we were watching Japanese news yesterday, and there was a march for this in Japan.

Black lives matter, y’know.  Down with racism.

Really?  *facepalm*  Sure, broader Japanese culture could probably do with some confronting racism of a rather different sort, but they also seem to be making leaps and bounds as it is.

I kept wanting to freeze the screen and see if I could spot the same big, blonde Swedish chick and tiny boyfriend that lead the anti-Iraq-war protest through base housing in Sasebo some 15 years ago.

Packers under investigation; What’s the implications for us?

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It’s a collection of stuff they’ve done recently, I’m sharing this one because it has both the beef (large animal) packers and the chicken guys linked.

Short version to see if you want to read:

Four companies cover 80% of the market.  Which would be fine, except that they’re the only ones there…which while it’s not proof of bad behavior, makes it so that if their plant shuts down, that area is out of luck.

Cue the dead animals left to rot.

It may also be related to a price-fixing scheme by the chicken packers, which has already gone through investigation.


My two cents?  The least intrusive route for this would be making the FDA a certifier for slaughter operations, but that’s my idea for almost all of this.