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The important truth that’s helping me let go of the terrible burden of “mommy guilt” — Aleteia

But here’s the thing — life isn’t always in crisis.

via The important truth that’s helping me let go of the terrible burden of “mommy guilt” — Aleteia

The article is very fluffy, and mildly annoying– but it is right.

Breath, folks.

It’s not all a disaster.

Your two year old and your baby will BOTH act like they’re destroyed because you held the other.

It’s OK.

Remember you’re the adult, and adult.

Rosh Hashanah and the Rescue of the Danish Jews

Happy Jewish new year, and here’s an epic (hi)story!

Spin, strangeness, and charm

A wonderful, healthy, and fruitful New Year to my Jewish readers.

By calendarial coincidence, the Jewish holidays for 2019 fall on or near those for 1943. Around Rosh Hashanah that year, the miraculous rescue of the Danish Jews took place. The following post is an expanded version of an earlier Facebook note.

The Danish rescue was uniquely successful among Nazi-occupied countries because of a confluence of several favorable circumstances.
(1) The Danish Jewish community was fairly small (about 7,500) and
(2) concentrated in Copenhagen, just a short boat ride away from neutral Sweden. (Today, a bridge across the Øresund connects the two countries.)
(3) Moreover, the Nazis regarded the Danes as their racial kin and ran the country as a “model protectorate”, leaving the Danish democratic government in place until well into 1943.
(4) Last but not least, the Danes and the Danish Jews had advance warning from the #2…

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A New Form for an Old Myth


Yeah, that's on the nose.

(Of course I like a sweet video named "Fox Fires.")

A Song of Joy by Caroline Furlong

Have you ever heard the story of how the Northern Lights came to be? It is an old myth, with many variations among northern peoples. If an artist chooses to recast one or more of these tales he has several adaptations from which to pick.

An ancient Finnish fable was selected for the video you see below. One of the best pieces of animation I have ever seen, the story itself truly makes the video beautiful. The creators knew exactly how to bring this original legend to new life in a visually appealing manner.

Thanks go to Monalisa Foster for posting the link to this amazing video. Her web address is here, and I highly recommend following her. Along with Mrs. Foster’s previous works, she has a fantastic space opera series coming out, and the preview for the first novel is available here. It is intense!

Enjoy the video…

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The LawDog Files: Really? You’re going with that?

And if you take nothing else from this, understand that there are no people on this world, there are no people in all of recorded history, as good at insurgency as the Americans.

Hell, we exist today because we took on the mightiest, most technologically advanced Empire in the World with the best military the world had seen at that time with a bunch of pissed-off insurgent farmers.

And we kicked Britain’s arse right off the beach.

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Pretty much.

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