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We’re Still Here


reblog: The Other Scandal – Crisis Magazine

The Pope’s popularity in Italy has dropped from 88 percent in 2013 to 71 percent in 2018. But you’d be mistaken to think that the decline has to do with Archbishop Vigano’s charge that Francis had covered-up for Cardinal McCarrick. The poll was taken before that story broke. According to the poll’s author, much of …

Source: The Other Scandal – Crisis Magazine

Harry’s Razors

Look, I’m not paid for this.

Well, not directly.  My husband has had several different “holy crud, this razor actually works” companies either die off under him, or stop selling the blades he likes because the demand isn’t high enough. So I could be interpreted as being “paid” by keeping access to a product I think is really good, at a good price.  But that doesn’t count.

Elf is one of those guys who has a five o’clock shadow by noon; his facial hair also eats blades like they are anime plot points during normal use, and let’s not talk about what pretty-good blades do to his face.

We tried Harry’s because, before Ricochet went nuts, I was trying to support them and I figured doing a ten dollar trial after the free razor would be fine.

I for some unknown reason tend to cut very easily when I’m shaving my legs, which is a defect I really don’t need.

Harry’s doesn’t do that.

And even with Elf being very… non Scottish… as use of blades goes, we end up skipping AT LEAST every second shipment of the longest subscription that Harry’s offers for blades, and have a lot of spares.

That is with two adults.

So yeah, really good razors.  Try them.