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But if you’re a man who wants to counter your manologue tendency, try this: When you hear yourself saying, “Now, to answer your question,” ask yourself whether there was a good reason you didn’t start at exactly that point. Otherwise, these manologues may never, ever end.

Source: How to Explain Mansplaining – The New York Times


If you’d paid attention to what the guy said up to that point, you might have a clue why he hadn’t started at that point.


Congratulations, you are why he spent twenty minutes laying out ground-work for the answer…and why it will be twenty five the next time, because you couldn’t be bothered to listen to what you needed to know to make the answer make sense when someone isn’t assuming that you’re a telepath that knows exactly what context they are answering in.


Next time you find yourself writing a long article about how what someone else is doing is wrong, maybe you should consider asking why they did it.  Or talking to someone who isn’t exactly like you about why it may be.

This may be shocking to a sexist like yourself, but men aren’t the only ones that get caught in this junk– I am quite female, but have people like yourself complain about how prolix (good word!) my answers tend to be.  And then they utterly ignore the groundwork I just spent ten minutes of painful being-the-center-of-attention* laying out and fail to grasp an incredibly simple point.

Pay attention instead of asking a question and then ignoring the response to read a freaking drink’s lable, and maybe you’ll learn something.

* I am shy.  Call it “social anxiety disorder” if it makes you feel better, but I’m shy.  I got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to talk to my favorite author, and mumbled out that his books were some of the most important ones I’d ever read– then blushed myself silly and hid behind my camera.  People routinely ask me a layered question with a ton of assumptions, then ignore the answer for what they already want to hear.  Utterly disrespectful of my time and effort.

Lileks: Doing the walking, texting two-step –

The hatred of walking and texting is based on our derision of others. You should be engaged with our surroundings! Savor the vitality! Nod to fellow citizens, make eye contact! Well, downtown, eye contact often leads to someone saying, “Excuse me, sir, may I ask you a question?” And you say yeah, thinking he’s going to ask for money, and he says, “What was the proximate cause of the Hundred Years War? I understand that religious differences had gripped a divided Europe, but surely the dislocation caused by economic advances in farming was a contributing factor.”

“Don’t underestimate the strains on the feudal system,” you say. And he says, “Of course, the rise of the guilds has to be considered. Say, you got a dollar?” That doesn’t happen when you’re texting. You exude a force field: Whoa, don’t mess with that one. He’s typing.

Source: Lileks: Doing the walking, texting two-step –

The North Carolina Bathroom Law |

At the time, Triller Haver was working as the organization’s communications director. When she heard the plans to go this route, Triller Haver said she was asked to “draft some talking points.”“As a survivor of sexual assault,” Triller Haver said she told her bosses, “I can’t do this.”

“They gave me two choices,” she said. “I could resign and receive severance for 10 weeks if I kept quiet or I could quit.”

“Guess what I picked.”

Source: The North Carolina Bathroom Law |

Odd how this bravery got ignored, isn’t it?

Internet mapping turned a remote farm into a digital hell | Fusion

But over the next several months, the calls and visits intensified. When law enforcement agents asked companies like Google and Facebook for the IP addresses used by suspected criminals and then mapped them using tools like this that relied on the MaxMind database, it pointed at the Taylor house. Amateur sleuths who spotted IP addresses used by visitors to their websites or on message forums were so convinced that the Taylor house was the source of their various problems that they created reports about it on Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, the Ripoff Report and Google Plus. (Even today, if you Google the house’s address, it returns a series of websites detailing nefarious activities.)

The harassment continued to the point where the local sheriff had to intervene. He placed a sign at the end of the driveway warning people to stay away from the house and to call him with questions.

Source: Internet mapping turned a remote farm into a digital hell | Fusion


  1.  This is why “vigilante” is a bad thing.  You’re not Batman, especially not if your only investegation is a single point of information. (The IP address.)
  2. Try the IP mapping; it gives a really exact address for me– except that the address is about an hour’s worth of driving away.

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