Frazetta Friday (Pre-Raphaelite Edition)

Georges Rochegrosse probably wasn’t formally part of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, but I’d say that this painting qualifies: it features the outdoors, a romantic or symbolic subject, meticulous attention to detail, and naked women.

And it’s pretty.

Riders of Skaith

The Knight of the Flowers, Georges Rochegrosse

According to Musee d’Orsay:

Rochegrosse depicts the moment when Parsifal, the chaste hero destined to find the Holy Grail, has just struck down the guardians of the castle of the magician Klingsor. He moves away into the enchanted garden, deaf to the calls of the flower maidens, femmes fatales scantily clad in narcissi, peonies, roses, irises, tulips, violets and hydrangeas.

Georges Rochegrosse probably wasn’t formally part of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, but I’d say that this painting qualifies: it features the outdoors, a romantic or symbolic subject, meticulous attention to detail, and naked women. 

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For He Is An Honorable Man

Some say that the Democrats cheated. Biden would no more do that than he would plagiarize another politician’s campaign speech, for Biden is an honorable man. Biden would no more cheat in an election than he would plagiarize papers in law school, for he is an honorable man. Biden would no more slander the president than he would lie about the circumstances of his wife’s death, for he is an honorable man.

From Amy, who asks that folks feel free to add to it.

No Vote Fraud? In a Pig’s Eye.

Yet, when pressed about this auditable data, the person in charge of investigating it either lied to the president, or was totally unaware of what was actually in the report. Either possibility is damning. The report was not about dead people voting in GA, in fact the report specifically said they had found no evidence of that in GA in any statistically significant amount. Braynard talked about that during the summary video and then pressed on into the statistically significant data which could be tracked down instead.

The Writer in Black

From my friend Larry Correia, who, among other things, is a former accountant and auditor and knows something about “red flags” and audits:

I’m seeing lots of outrage this morning because Trump called the GA SoS and told him to do his job and find fraudulent votes. So there’s a great deal of pearl clutching about what an outrageous threat to democracy this is, so on and so forth. Only this post isn’t about Trump being a dick or not. Trump being a dick does not mean fraud didn’t happen. Do not let your personal like/dislike of Trump determine if something else actually happened. If a crime was committed against someone you like/dislike, that doesn’t determine whether the crime happened or not. Set aside your feelings about the subject and look at the data.

Specifically, in the call the SoS said it was impossible to find that many fraudulent…

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Reblog: Strange days and dilemmas

Rest at link, but quote:

The establishment Right, including, sadly, several individuals in whom I had hopes of rational action (I’m looking at you Dan Crenshaw), have gone all squishy and “condemned the riots”. This wasn’t a riot. What happened this summer were riots. Yesterday these people walked between the velvet ropes inside the rotunda for God’s sake! The statuary and paintings are untouched! How is that a riot?! On various videos (many of which have been taken down by FB) you can hear people say “don’t break shit”. These truly are peaceful protestors. The Capitol building is a public building. We ALL have a right to be there. And, if you watch some of the video from early on, you can see the police chatting with protestors and even taking selfies. I’ve heard from several different sources that the police let the protesters into the building. So, no. It was NOT a riot in the true sense of the word (as opposed to how the mainstream media defines riot – a protest by people we don’t agree with).

Rest of article here.

The Reichstag Fire, and “killing democracy in order to ‘save’ it”

Please read.

Spin, strangeness, and charm

Disclaimer: this post has been on my todo list for a while as part of “deep background research” into my alternate history series. Any similarity to recent events at the US Capitol is neither coincidental nor intentional, but merely unavoidable. “The past does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.” (Mark Twain) [*]

Picture this. You have just become the head of government (through a dirty coalition maneuver, let’s say), but your power is constrained by the other parties (including your coalition partners). What you really are after is unfettered power to realize your ‘vision’ of society. What better way to acquire it — and get the majority of people behind you — than to orchestrate an attack on the most visible symbol of democracy, ostensibly carried out by your chief opponent? Giving you a pretext to “suspend democracy in order to save it?”

On Monday night, February 27, 1933, the…

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Sneaky, Sandy Felines….


Sand cats! The cats where the adults look like kittens, and the kittens look like SMALLER kittens!

A Song of Joy by Caroline Furlong

Have you ever heard of the Sand Cat? If not, this link will tell you more about this beautiful little desert feline.

And if you are wondering how this information could possibly apply to fiction, check out Andre Norton’s novel Beast Master*. There is a very big sand cat in that story. One who is the unquestioned empress of her master’s various animal companions!

Sand Cat

The Sand Cat is the only feline species found primarily in deserts. They are also referred to as Sand Dune Cats and are found in various regions of Africa and Asia.

Sand Cat Scientific Classification

Scientific Name:Felis margarita


There are several subspecies of this species, including:

Sand Cat

  • Felis margarita margarita
  • Felis margarita thinobius
  • Felis margarita meinertzhageni
  • Felis margarita airensis
  • Felis margarita scheffeli
  • Felis margarita harrisoni

Different subspecies are…

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Quoting Limbaugh’s 2020 end show.

Lou Gehrig, the Iron Horse, New York Yankees, set the record for consecutive games played until Cal Ripken came along decades later and broke it. And on the day that Lou Gehrig announced that he had his disease that was forcing him to retire from Major League Baseball, he said to the sold-out Yankee Stadium, “Today I feel like the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”

I didn’t understand that. I mean, here’s a guy who’d just been diagnosed with the most terminal of terminal diseases, and I said, “This can’t be real. He can’t really think he’s the luckiest guy in the world. This is just something that he’s saying because it will play well.” I don’t mean to be insulting Lou Gehrig; don’t misunderstand. I’m just saying, how in the world if you’re being honest can you feel like you’re the luckiest man on the face of the earth?

Well, when I got my diagnosis and when I began to receive all of the outpouring of love and affection from everywhere in my life from so many of you in so many ways and from my family — who, man, they have supported me my entire career. Even during times it would have been understandable and easy for them to say, “Rush who? We don’t know this guy.”

But that never happened. 

Read the rest of the long quote at The American Catholic, and please pray for Mr. Limbaugh.

Writing Characters: Neurology and Oddballs, Part 2

She’s looking at depression from the perspective of writing– but there’s good stuff on identifying the black dog, and the shadowy liar, and that horrible, heavy, numbing fog, and dealing with it.

Crossover Queen's Creative Chaos

So. Depression. The Black Dog. The pit of despair. The endless, numbing gray.

Depression is your brain trying to kill you.

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