Ancient Weapons – Made of Crystal!

“Rock crystal” means clear quartz.

This is seriously cool stuff– one of the pictures looks like something from a video game.

A Song of Joy by Caroline Furlong

Archaeologists in Spain have unearthed a megalithic tomb near Valencia. Besides the expected discoveries of pottery and assorted offerings for the dead, they stumbled upon a fascinating anomaly. Whoever was buried in the tomb had wealth – enough to have daggers and arrowheads made of crystal! Since most arrowheads in the region were made of flint, these and the daggers would have been astronomically expensive at the time. Only someone of position and affluence could afford these beautiful weapons.

There were other amazing items discovered in the tomb as well, but the daggers and arrowheads are the undisputed stars of the show. Who made them? Were they left on an altar of sacrifice, as the archaeologists believe? Or is there more to the story? We will never know the whole truth this side of eternity. But it is fun to speculate and dream of what might have been and who…

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The REAL Reasons Israel Barred Reps Omar And Tlaib (It Wasn’t Trump) – The Lid

After first saying they would waive their anti-BDS law and allow Reps Omar and Tlaib into the country, Israel changed its mind today and decided to ban them from coming into the country on Sunday. In 2017 the Knesset passed an anti-BDS law that blocks foreign BDS activists from gaining entry to Israel as the BDS movement is not only anti-Semitic but calls for the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel.
Note: If anyone needs a refresher on BDS and why it is anti-Semitic, it’s explained in this article.

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Mass Killings vs. Mass Shootings | Belmont Club

The reason the high end is non-gun is simple. Firearms, even assault weapons, are inherently limited by the need to change magazines, which is why buddy pairs are considered the smallest tactical unit so that one can maintain fire while the other is reloading. Fire, aerial vehicles, explosives and poison are not similarly constrained. The recent Kyoto animation studio attack killed more people than the El Paso and Dayton shootings combined.

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