Vaccination, again

Most important line:
If telling the truth won’t get you what you want, maybe what you want is wrong.

Monday Evening

Your Friend Doesn’t Want the Vaccine. What Do You Say? Briefly, “…commanding, advising, lecturing and shaming … not only don’t work but also often backfire.” Kind of manipulative, but not stupid in its approach. I would add, tell the truth. If telling the truth won’t get you what you want, maybe what you want is wrong.

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Plantain = Slan Lus??


Aliens in This World

So I’m watching random videos, and they had this Irish herb garden lady… and she casually drops the info that “slan lus,” healing herb, which shows up in a lot of stories, is what we call plantain.

Mind. Blown.

What the Irish have as plantain, by the look of it, is not exactly the same species as we have here, but it must be really really close. And everything she described was stuff I’ve heard about US plantain. (It does grow in the US in many places, and is often called “buckhorn plantain.”)

But yeah, it’s apparently getting a lot of use from her, because you can make plantain leaf tea pretty easily. I mean, it’s a weed. Unless somebody’s using pesticide on it, you can get it everywhere temperate and use it most of the year, fresh. The kind of plantain we get around here never gets…

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Israel under fire, [not-so-]mini-update for Shavuot


(1) It appears that before bringing down the “media tower” in Gaza City, aside from making a “roof knock” visit first to give everybody a chance to evacuate the building, they shared information with US officials about the Hamas intelligence offices in the same building:

Spin, strangeness, and charm

(1) It appears that before bringing down the “media tower” in Gaza City, aside from making a “roof knock” visit first to give everybody a chance to evacuate the building, they shared information with US officials about the Hamas intelligence offices in the same building:

Israel shared intelligence with the US showing how Hamas operated inside the same building with the Associated Press and Al-Jazeera in Gaza, officials in Jerusalem said on Sunday.Officials in more than one government office confirmed that US President Joe Biden’s phone call to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday was, in part, about the bombing of the building, and that Israel showed Biden and American officials the intelligence behind the action.

“We showed them the smoking gun proving Hamas worked out of that building,” a senior diplomatic source said. “I understand they found the explanation satisfactory.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed the source’s remark…

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Prayer for Israel

Video shared, and translation from, Peter B at TXRed’s.

The original text is in the video posting; here’s a translation:

Our Father in Heaven, Rock and Redeemer of Israel, bless the State of Israel, the first manifestation of the approach of our redemption. Shield it with Your lovingkindness, envelop it in Your peace, and bestow Your light and truth upon its leaders, ministers, and advisors, and grace them with Your good counsel. Strengthen the hands of those who defend our holy land, grant them deliverance, and adorn them in a mantle of victory. Ordain peace in the land and grant its inhabitants eternal happiness.

Lead them, swiftly and upright, to Your city Zion and to Jerusalem, the abode of Your Name, as is written in the Torah of Your servant Moses: “Even if your outcasts are at the ends of the world, from there the Lord your God will gather you, from there He will fetch you. And the Lord your God will bring you to the land that your fathers possessed, and you shall possess it; and He will make you more prosperous and more numerous than your fathers.” Draw our hearts together to revere and venerate Your name and to observe all the precepts of Your Torah, and send us quickly the Messiah son of David, agent of Your vindication, to redeem those who await Your deliverance.

Manifest yourself in the splendor of Your boldness before the eyes of all inhabitants of Your world, and may everyone endowed with a soul affirm that the Lord, God of Israel, is king and his dominion is absolute. Amen forevermore.

Praying for our elder brothers, and their (non-ironic) good neighbors.

Running to Trouble

Rule one, don’t become another victim.

That said…. read the article.

Cat Rotator's Quarterly

Not in the sense of “Oh great, here comes So-and-So, we’re doomed.” You’ve probably met those people, the ones that somehow can make any situation worse just by walking up and saying, “Hi! What’s up?”

No, I’m thinking of people like the men in the video from Israel, the ones who, as soon as they confirmed that no more pieces of debris or rockets were landing on the block, ran toward the remains of the bus that got hit by a rocket. They were not firemen, didn’t have emergency medical supplies in their hands, but they ran toward trouble. (I suspect that they had some form of First Aid and trauma care skills, because of their military service, but they were not official first responders.)

For whatever reason, I seem more inclined to move toward trouble than to freeze or to flee. That is, once I’ve determined that the best…

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Israel: Rocket fire and riots in mixed Jewish-Arab towns; Netanyahu gets a new lease on political life? [UPDATED]

Long quote:

Rocket fire continues, with HamAss claiming its latest creation can reach Eilat (!), though that may well be empty bluster, Yesterday, in the town of Sderot bordering the Gaza Strip, a rocket appears to have penetrated the metal hatch and window of a safe-room, and killed a 5-year old boy inside. Yes, over a thousand missiles fored at “the Zionist enemy” achieving deaths of several fellow Arabs, an Indian nurse, and a five-year old boy. I would not insult the insane by calling HamAss insane.

Most worrying is the spiraling violence in mixed Jewish-Arab towns. It began with Arab mobs torching synagogues and attacking Jewish civilians for the crime of being Jewish; then our own crabgrass started acting in kind and now it’s going both ways. (Some of these appear to be out-of-town agitators.) Politicians across the spectrum have condemned the violence and many have expressed anguish, up to and including the head of state, President Reuven “Ruby” Rivlin.

Spin, strangeness, and charm

We spent the last two nights sleeping in the “safe room” of our suburban Tel Aviv apartment, woken up a couple of times by rocket alert sirens. As I am typing this, I hear Iron Dome intercept booms.

You can ask Mrs. Arbel: when this latest round of rocket fire and internal violence started, I predicted it would give Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu another lease on political life. Now just an hour ago, the Times of Israel reports that Yamina leader Naftali Bennett has bolted from the attempts by center-left Yair Lapid to assemble a “change coalition”, and instead has reached a deal with acting PM Netanyahu and with Ra`am leader Mansour Abbas to back direct election of the PM. In exchange, Bennett and his secular #2, Ayelet Shaked, will get reserved spots on the Likud slate and be given the Defense and Foreign portfolios. (A Channel 1 talking head claimed…

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Reblog: Being A Mother Is Not ‘Too Much’

Read the rest, but:

In our culture, we are told children should rank below attending college, below the ability to go out at your leisure. They are to rank below exercising at the gym, below any job you may have or financial stability you hope to achieve. Children rank below your desire to focus on your own “self-care.” In fact, there is a creeping normalization that it’s OK to regret having children.

From Megan West on Town Hall.