Abortion and Mercy: Reponses to Pope Francis’s Remarks | National Review Online

The reason why it changes very little is two-fold.

First, most priests in the U.S. already have through their bishops what Pope Francis is extending to priests throughout the world: the faculty to lift the canonical penalty of excommunication from those who have had an abortion or have closely cooperated in another’s abortion, aware that such an action bears the canonical penalty of automatic excommunication.

Second, very few people who have an abortion or closely cooperate in someone’s having one incur the penalty of automatic excommunication.

A little background in canon law might be helpful to understand more fully those reasons.

If someone has incurred the penalty of automatic excommunication for the sin of abortion, before a priest can absolve that sin and all other sins, that penalty (censure) would have to be lifted. If his bishop hadn’t given him the faculty to do so, then if someone confesses the sin of abortion, he would need to figure out whether the excommunication had been incurred. If it had been, then — outside of a danger-of-death situation in which every priest has the ability to absolve of necessary censures to make absolution possible — the priest would need to ask the person to return to the confessional at a later time while he requests permission from the bishop to lift the censure so that he could then absolve the sin. A priest is trained to ask this permission in a way totally protecting the identity of the penitent if he himself even knows the penitent’s identity.

A priest occasionally has to ask for similar permission from the Vatican’s Apostolic Penitentiary for other sins so grave they likewise incur automatic penalties, like the desecration of the Eucharist, or the less frequent occurrences of someone’s trying physically to attack the Holy Father, a priest’s breaking the seal of confession or attempting to absolve an accomplice in a sin against the Sixth Commandment, or a bishop’s having ordained someone a bishop without a papal mandate.

Once a priest receives the necessary permission to absolve the censure, he can do so in the confessional and then absolve the sin.

Source: Abortion and Mercy: Reponses to Pope Francis’s Remarks | National Review Online

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Indian Child Welfare Act — Overturn It Now | National Review Online

The most recent case to reach the U.S. Supreme Court concerned a child who was 1.2 percent Cherokee. The Goldwater Institute, the Phoenix think tank whose litigators are challenging ICWA’s constitutionality, says “her nearest full-blooded Indian ancestor lived in the time of George Washington’s father.”

Source: Indian Child Welfare Act — Overturn It Now | National Review Online

Kundenschmerz — reblogged from Bondwine

I opened the parcel with some misgivings; from the description in your catalogue, I had been expecting something larger than a matchbox. The label on the inner package, however, assured me that this was indeed the Self-Organizing Monad (Cat. No. M-4202) that I had ordered. Following the enclosed instructions, I removed the gel capsule from the box and placed it on a sterile Petri dish, to which I added the required drop of my own blood.

Source: Kundenschmerz

French Train Attack: When a Hero Is Needed, American Men Can Still Rise to the Occasion | National Review Online

The scene was straight from our worst nightmares. Last Friday, a terrorist boarded a crowded French train carrying an AK-47 and enough ammunition to kill dozens. His fellow passengers had no weapons. When he opened fire, the personnel responsible for the train fled, barricading themselves inside an engine car. But three Americans — one national guardsman, one airman, and one college senior — didn’t hesitate. The guardsman, Alek Skarlatos, called out “Let’s go, go!” and they charged. His friend, Airman First Class Spencer Stone, reached the gunman first, tackling him. The gunman fought back with a box cutter, nearly severing Stone’s thumb and slashing his neck.

But by that time, help had arrived. Skarlatos started beating the terrorist with his own weapon, college senior Anthony Sadler piled on, and a British man, Chris Norman, overcame his own initial instinct to hide and joined the fight. Together they subdued the attacker, hogtying him facedown on the ground. But Stone wasn’t finished. Though bleeding profusely himself, he gave immediate first aid to an injured passenger, clamping down on a severed artery and holding it until doctors arrived.

via French Train Attack: When a Hero Is Needed, American Men Can Still Rise to the Occasion | National Review Online.

This is why training is awesome.

We did “Mass Casualties” at pretty much every single duty station I was at– oddly, I was almost always put in the sensible place of being the person who put bandages on wounds, since I’m not big enough to haul most anybody anywhere.

When my then-not-quite-two daughter split her head open, I went into automatic– and did what I’d been taught.

Baby Dylan Almost Died…But Was Saved by His Mother’s Intuition | Parenting

For the first time, the busy nurse actually stopped and listened to his chest with her stethoscope. It seemed for just a moment that all the sounds in the room stopped as the frightened mother watched helplessly, clenching her mother-in-law’s hand. Then it happened. The nurse heard the same sounds his mother had described. Alarmed, the nurse began calling for help. A flurry of white uniforms whirled around the room, each tending to something different. The ventilator was removed. A new tube was carefully inserted.

The highly skilled team of nurses swarmed around the crib. In minutes (that felt like hours) they managed to extract a blob from his tiny, paper-thin lungs. Immediately, he began to breathe easier, and his heart rate, that was hovering around fifteen beats a minute, began to rise.

Relieved and furious all at once, Dylan’s grandma turned to his mother and said, “If you ever think something is wrong with your baby, don’t you let ANYONE shrug you off. This is your baby.”

via Baby Dylan Almost Died…But Was Saved by His Mother’s Intuition | Parenting.

Only problem is that those most likely to respond to this are the least in need of it.

We Are Science Fiction

Originally posted on mishaburnett:

Today when I was running some errands I happened to notice (well, okay, my roommate happened to notice and point out to me) a Walgreen’s store that had closed and displayed a prominent “STORE FIXTURES LIQUIDATION” sign. Inside I found a rack from the books and magazines section and bought it for $10.  Behold:

We Are Science Fiction We Are Science Fiction

This is The Dragon’s Rocketship Collection–so far.

As I have written before, I will be attending Archon on the first weekend of October this year, as part of a group of indie writers.  We will have a table in the Dealer’s Room, called The Dragon’s Rocketship, and five of us will present a panel on Hybrid Publishing in the 21st Century. (The convention programming committee hasn’t assigned us a time and place yet.  I really hope it won’t be too late–I’m an old man.)

We are independent authors working together to build…

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