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Those first contacts were often turbulent and violent, but it is difficult to judge the past by the criteria of the present. Nonetheless, when the stranger in our midst appeals to us, we must not repeat the sins and the errors of the past. We must resolve now to live as nobly and as justly as possible, as we educate new generations not to turn their back on our “neighbors” and everything around us. Building a nation calls us to recognize that we must constantly relate to others, rejecting a mindset of hostility in order to adopt one of reciprocal subsidiarity, in a constant effort to do our best. I am confident that we can do this.

Source: The Pope Speaks to Congress – Crisis Magazine

Quite worth reading. I can see a lot of folks reading in what they want to hear– or what they fear– but it’s notably lacking in specific prudential choices. That is, it says what principles we must apply, but not HOW.

Because the language of compassion has been so hijacked, and he was talking in a political setting, it sounds like the liberals pulling there “be loving– do exactly what I think is right” shtick.
But it doesn’t actually say that. He might think he has enough information to give specific guidance…but he didn’t do it, he just gave the principles to apply. (I don’t think that being a release valve for the horrific Mexican situation is very good for Mexico or the people who can’t flee, for example, even though the second-hand ‘interpretations’ I’d been hearing about the Pope’s speech took exactly that to be true.)

Notice the change between what I quote, and a short distance down where he talks about what he believes. Notice the lack of “and you’ve got to do it, too” type language that’s in the listing of principles.

Read the part about a cycle of poverty– does that not sound like every reasonable conservative, looking at the way people get trapped in the “helpful” system?

The ‘weapons’ paragraph is in keeping with his theme of stop supplying WMDs and war machines to psycho governments and groups that I’ve heard lamented by angry atheists military folks. Does anybody else remember the whole “France selling Saddam stuff to kill his people” scandal? Or the German company caught selling weapons to him? Or any of the other countries at that link that were engaged in arms dealing with someone they’d agreed not to, because he had a nasty habit of killing illegitimate targets, but they wanted money?

I can see how someone that’s sure he’s in the mold of an American leftist seeing him calling for the various things I read it summarized as– but he didn’t.
For once, he actually used standard Catholic style speaking.

Bill Nye the Science Guy Kills His Brain to Promote a Lie – Crisis Magazine

This then, was the point at which ancient science fixed the beginning of the individual human life. In making this determination, Aristotle was not saying anything about abortion, early or late. After all, he did not recognize the sacredness of human life.

For the longest time, Aristotle’s theory concerning the beginning of human life—known eventually as “mediate animation”—was the controlling view. It influenced St. Augustine and St. Thomas. It was the best science available—and Christian thinkers were very interested in using such science in the service of moral reasoning. As a consequence, the majority opinion was that abortion constituted actual homicide only after forty days. Earlier abortion, though still a sin, was classified either as contraception or as “anticipated homicide.”

Source: Bill Nye the Science Guy Kills His Brain to Promote a Lie – Crisis Magazine

Doing the best we can with the current best information is kinda a Catholic thing from the start. ‘Cus it’s human.

The slippery slope of pedo-sympathy | Something Fishy

While in theory sympathy isn’t necessarily grease on the edge of a cliff, experience teaches us that practice is different than theory. Taking pedophilia off the list of “if anyone finds out you swing that way, your life is ruined” and moving it to “oh, it’s just one of many mental illnesses” is exactly the same path homosexual activists used to put themselves in a position to go around ruining people’s lives over the acquisition of artistically sugar-crusted baked goods. Do you really want to end up living in a world where not wanting a pedophile to babysit your children makes you the target of a mob of angry people on Twitter calling you a bigot, harassing your friends, family, and employer, and making death threats? Because that’s what happened last time.

Source: The slippery slope of pedo-sympathy | Something Fishy

The World We Know -Dorothy Grant | According To Hoyt

Watch the market to see how it shakes out, because what happens now with Intellectual Property sales and marketing for songs and stories is going to be really, really interesting when applied to IP designs for household 3D printers. What will happen to the aspirations of centralized medicine and the insanity of health care regulations when your home printer can make a chip to diagnose your health, and tailored drugs to fix the issues? To the billions-of-dollars & euros fashion industry, when your printer can create the designs you download for wearing out the door in thirty minutes?

Source: The World We Know -Dorothy Grant | According To Hoyt

The obvious answer is to control the stuff that goes into making the drugs, at least– the next sentence goes into basically replicator tech and makes it clear she’s not talking very short term– but the fairly short term main part is VERY important.

If It Walks Like an Influence Operation…

In fact, at the very hour the latter meeting was supposed to occur, the Mohameds and their Islamic supremacist handlers were instead holding a press conference. In the course of the presser, the family made clear that their beef wasn’t with the Irving school district or the police. It was with the city’s political leadership, starting with Mayor Van Duyne.

That message has subsequently become a staple of the Islamists. For example, local news on September 18th featured a quote from one, Khalid Hamadeh of the Islamic Association of North Texas, decrying “political leaders espousing inflammatory anti-Muslim rhetoric and creating a climate of fear.”

Mayor Van Duyne has been a prime target of the Muslim grievance industry in Texas – a fixture of the Islamists’ large and aggressive operations in the state and elsewhere – ever since last spring when she opposed the establishment of an Islamic tribunal in her city. She did so out of a legitimate concern that such an entity would serve as its counterparts have elsewhere, notably in Britain – namely, as a vehicle for dispensing “justice” as defined, not by the laws of the land, but in accordance with the Islamic supremacist code called shariah.

Source: If It Walks Like an Influence Operation…

Thoughts on the road. – William Lehman | According To Hoyt

Then the goons in the caddies drove back to Detroit, and dad and the rest walked the picket lines. People who wildcatted that strike where hurt or killed… I remember one guy was hauling dynamite for the coal mines in KY. The sniper that shot his truck hit the load… It cratered the road. Dad died in harness about 20 years ago. Mom got the princely sum of 28 bucks a month as survivor benefits until she remarried. Tell me why I should support the union?

Source: Thoughts on the road. – William Lehman | According To Hoyt

I remember hearing about attempts at this in my grandparents’ hometown.

It didn’t work, mostly because EVERYONE was so close-tied– yeah, the workers were from a different town than the management, but all the workers were neighbors, and couldn’t be singled out by out-of-town goons.

Legacy Publishing’s Pyrrhic Victory: Indie and Amazon Gain eBook Dominance – SuperversiveSFSuperversiveSF

In forcing Amazon to accept the agency model, the Big 5 took a big gamble and lost.

Source: Legacy Publishing’s Pyrrhic Victory: Indie and Amazon Gain eBook Dominance – SuperversiveSFSuperversiveSF

Short version:
Big, small or medium publishers use to be roughly 2/3ds of the ebook sales on Amazon.

They are now about one third, and the small/medium guys dropped about a quarter of their heft…..

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