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2. Meanwhile, Wired lets us know that those people should not be allowed to “breed.” One supposes that “everything old is new again” and the search for the superman continues. Why are they called “progressives” if they simply repeat century-old tropes? What judgment Darwin would make of this!!

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The person pegged (by the pro-those-people-shouldn’t-breed article) for promoting it is, of course, a doctor.

Of course.

The TOF Spot: Germanobeastnaming

German, the Legoblock language, can construct new words from old. For example:


is a fine example, should you ever need a single word to designate the captain of a Danube steamship for a travel company. He (or she, we hasten to add) would be a Danubicsteamshiptravelcompanycaptain. Think how this would reduce the word count in your latest manuscript!

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The animal names are great– can you guess what an “Oak Kitten” might possibly be?

Epic Bullying | Cedar Writes

I’m furious. This is simply unacceptable. It is not ok to let the bullies win. I’ve spent years telling my daughters that it’s ok to be different, to not dress like every other girl in school. It’s ok for them to be geeks, to love science, to be in band, to not do what all the cool kids think they ought to do. And now, this comes along and suddenly all the work I have done is set back by the prissy mean girls who can’t stand that geeks are Odds.

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Lexicon of Snow

One often hears the old tale about how the culture that we exist in closes us off from much of the world around us. This assertion is usually illustrated by the chestnut about the Innuit having so many different words for “snow”, implying that they have a greater understanding and sensitivity toward snow than non-Innuit because they have so many more ways to talk about it. This is kind of crazy, because surely the Innuit are more sensitive to snow because they live in snow all the time! Anyone else living there would have an equal appreciation for the subtleties of snow even if they didn’t speak Innu or know anything of the Innuit culture. In fact, it might also be crazy because it might not be true. Let’s take a look at the various words that the Innuit use for snow and compare them to English words.

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Short version could be summed up as the “more words for X” thing being a misunderstanding of how English works; things are usually described in phrases unless there’s a reason for them to get their own word. (IE, “avalanche” instead of “snow slide that is happening at relatively high speed.”)

I found the list of snow-type words pretty cool, anyways. *rimshot*

Have they discovered a new “lost Gospel” that says Jesus was married? | Catholic Answers

First, the text in question is not “lost.” It is not some newly discovered work that scholars were previously unaware of.

The particular manuscript that Jacobovici and Wilson rely on was brought to the British Museum for more than a century and a half ago, and the same text has been known through other sources for centuries.

The scholarly community has been well aware of it, and translations of it in English and other languages are common.

To give you an idea of how not-lost this work is, it’s been in print for centuries, I have it in my own library, and here’s a version you can read online from a book printed in 1918.

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Alright, that made me giggle….

To those who served, thank you


Thank God we are granted such people, and in such great numbers.

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Normally, Mad Genius Club is a blog about writing or at least about writers. We discuss the publishing industry, our own work and the path we have taken or are currently taking to get our work into the hands of readers. We sometimes get a bit controversial when we get a belly-full of one side or the other telling us how something must be done. Today, as those of us in the United States commemorate Veteran’s Day, as I think about my son who is currently serving in the USAF, I think it important that we remember those who have served or who are currently serving in the military. They are the ones who have sacrificed so we have the freedom to write what we want. We can be critical of the government. We can speculate on events to come. As long as we don’t do the proverbial shouting “Fire!” in…

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