If You Don’t Like the Word “Squaw,” You Must Hate the Algonquian Language Family


Language FYI.

Originally posted on Aliens in This World:

Yup. Any Native American activist who tells you “squaw” is hate speech is a hater of the beauties of Native American languages.

“Sqw-” is a pretty common root in Algonquian languages for “woman.”

From The Lasting of the Mohegans, by Melissa Jayne Fawcett, via Language Log:

The Mohegan word for woman is “shquaaw” and red is “squayoh”. Blood is referred to as “(um) sque” which also has a related “squ” root. So is the name of Granny Squannit, leader of the Makiawisug (Little People of the Woodlands). The root of her name describes her very clearly. “Squa” mean woman, blood, red, or of the earth. The root “anit”  comes from “manit” or “Manitou”, often spelled as “mundu” is Mohegan-Pequot, which means Spirit. Therefore, Granny Squannit’s name means “Spirit Woman” and implies a connection to the earth and blood.

The reason that English and French speakers called Native American…

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There They Go Again! Democrats Try to Shut You Up! | American Elephants

Friday night news dump. As the media went home for the weekend, the Democrats sneaked in a last minute proposal that the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) be allowed to heavily regulate political content on the internet. They have in mind sites like YouTube, blogs, and the Drudge Report. Why? You can go to YouTube and watch campaign commercials, and even worse, find things that President Obama and other politicians said in the past, and demonstrate their constant overweening hypocrisy.  There’s no telling what awful things you will find on blogs, and the Drudge Report is simply an aggregator of news from — the media.

The problem, of course, is the First Amendment to the Constitution, which protects freedom of speech, most especially political speech. We cannot be a free people without free political speech. First thing you know, they will put you in jail for criticizing the president, or shut your business down, or subject you to an IRS audit.

Obama FEC Commissioner Ann M. Ravel announced that the FED was preparing new regulations to give itself control over videos, Internet-based political campaigns and other content on the web. She insisted that “A reexamination of the commission’s approach to the internet and other emerging technologies is long overdue.”

Well, not exactly. The First Amendment was made permanent back in December of 1791, and has served us very well indeed, although the totalitarian sector of the Democratic Party keeps trying to get rid of it.

via There They Go Again! Democrats Try to Shut You Up! | American Elephants.

#GamerGate — Achievement Unlocked: Epic Shitstorm!


Language warning, though I think it’s justified.

GamerGate summarized WITHOUT the “just repeating what the activists say” BS.

Originally posted on Daddy Warpig's House of Geekery:

So, I’ve been hanging out on Twitter, and it’s been a lot of fun. It’s the one place I can trot out accurate information and truth in a polite but merciless fashion, and eviscerate some blithering jackass holding forth on a subject he knows nothing about. Plus, you can carpet-bomb a series of brutal, but funny one-liners into a continuing discussion between 10,000 people, and earn a few small kudos for it.

Fun. :D

John — my good friend and ∞ Infinity playtester — pointed out that I hadn’t mentioned anything about #GamerGate yet, despite my involvement with it on Twitter. (Carpet bombing, etc.) He’s right, I haven’t.

The problem is, #GamerGate is not a simple subject. Seriously. It’s like six different Internet shitstorms got together, got drunk, had an orgy, and birthed a monstrosity that was an unholy amalgam of all six. My current level of shit-giving is not sufficient to motivate me to spend…

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It’s a Comment

but I thought it would be good to repost as a decent summary of events.   (It’s in response to “why didn’t comic books fight back like video games are?”,  but has a broader application.

Comment by Jump the Shark:

Saturday, October 25th 2014 at 9:25 am |

Honestly, I think this is more the way things were handled. Sarkeesian and her like have been attacking gamers for years, yet were largely ignored but for a few rebuttals and the sort of internet hate you get for saying Halo is better than Call of Duty (or vice versa).

The timeline for GG as a cohesive movement, though, goes like this:

1) Adam Baldwin coins the hashtag when linking to a relatively unknown video using allegations against Ms. Quinn as a launching point for a rant about nepotism in gaming journalism.

2) Presumably Ms. Quinn catches some flak for this.

3) Within 24 hours, ten articles are launched on competing sites declaring gamers, as a class, to consist of angry white males living in their parents’ basements, and, as a class, to be socially finished for all time.

4) By 48 hours, four more articles have joined the the throng, and Mr. Baldwin’s hastag has skyrocketed.

So, the comic equivalent would be, oh, say, Vin Diesel commenting on some tabloid scandal involving, say, Mike Mignola, and in twenty-four hours, Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse posting almost identical articles on their front pages berating comic book readers for being pasty, fat, basement dwelling troglodytes, then declaring that due to the popularity of the Avengers movies, comic fans are over as a class.

Needless to say, when your customers, as a class, tended to enjoy the toilet end of swirlies all their lives, and you start spouting the same lines as the guys who stuffed them into lockers, you may suffer a little vocal customer feedback. Whereas when you quietly push an agenda, as did the SJFWA, you will merely quietly hemorrhage customers.

via Saluting Gamergate | John C. Wright’s Journal.

Bullies | Something Fishy

Via Insty, Justine Tunney:

The 900 pound elephant in the gamer/sexism debate, is they’re really just attacking autistic people for clumsy social propriety. #GamerGate

“Autistic” – in today’s environment of “on the spectrum” – meaning those who lack social skills and find that fitting in with cliques is difficult except with other Odds. Gaming, comics, and anime/manga fandoms are full of people who are ruthlessly bullied outside of those networks as the lowest of mom’s-basement-dwelling losers. Notice, however, the challenger – basically saying: “prove it!” Who’s telling Anita Sarkeesian to prove that GamerGate gamers are misogynist? NOBODY. She and her feminist troll friends are slinging sewage all over a group of people who are upset that a whore and a bunch of no-ethics-journalism johns are influential in the games journalism industry. Having ethical standards? Makes you a misogynist, according to SJWs. Who really hates women? The female gamers who are standing up for their beloved gaming community, or the anti-gamergaters sending them death threats?

via Bullies | Something Fishy.

Exactly, although I hadn’t phrased it anywhere near as neatly in my head!

Games about Games – Lileks

Electronic games were previously politicized for turning players into violent murder-bots, but that’s faded. To repeat a point I made years ago, if violent games made players violent, then “SimCity” should have made millions of kids take up a career in urban planning. The new slam against games is the sexist culture that creates them, the sexist dweebs who play them, and the untold millions of players who do not realize how gaming could — nay, should — nay, must be an arena for Social Justice. For example, it’s possible to play “SimCity” today without confronting the historical patterns of mortgage inequity and de facto segregation. You can raise towers, but not consciousness.

via National Review Online, James Lileks, Games about Games

I vaguely remember that one of the new SimCity games has “income inequality” or some similarly silly thing you’re supposed to try to minimize, and there was a Star Wars game that I completely lost interest in when some official mouthpiece made a big deal about how you could do Han Solo/Chewbacca as a love pairing if you wanted.

*headdesk* Great idea for a game that’s aimed at kids, creepers.

As usual, Lileks is worth ten times the time it takes to read what he wrote.

DarwinCatholic: Slate’s Fix for the Pesky “Lost Productivity” of Maternal Love

Let’s examine the terms of our discussion. Motherhood — the bearing and rearing of the next generation, in the most practical, most desirable, most easily accomplished sense — is “lost productivity”. Carrying a child in your own womb: “lost productivity”. Giving birth: “lost productivity”. Keeping an infant alive, feeding it, responding to its cries, holding, nurturing, loving it: “lost productivity”. Children, in short, are “lost productivity”, little time sinks best outsourced to the world’s indigent and uneducated, who have nothing better to do with their bodies or their lives but serve as incubators and nannies to those wealthy enough not only to buy a child, but a womb to put it in. Nothing is too good for our unborn children — no drop of alcohol safe enough for a pregnant woman, no raw cheese healthy enough, no breath of second-hand smoke pure enough — because the earliest intervention matters, the safety of the womb matters, unless someone really reeeeally has a good reason to buy a pregnancy, and then it’s okay that some poor woman in India sell her body as a surrogate, because the person with the money just wants it so much, right?

via DarwinCatholic: Slate’s Fix for the Pesky “Lost Productivity” of Maternal Love.

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