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The short version of the story is that on Saturday leaving my office, I was the subject of an attempted mugging by a member of the Indianapolis Choir Boy School of Good Men Who are Only Down on Their Luck.  As I was leaving my office, said altar boy came around the corner of my building to the left into the side parking lot, and as I turned to face him noticed the knife in his right hand.  The Chaplain’s Assistant demanded that we engage in an abbreviated barter process, wherein I would provide my wallet and car keys in exchange for not getting shanktified, which to him probably seemed like a reasonable exchange.

I politely demurred by hurling a cup of hot Starbucks at him while fishing my Beretta Jetfire out of the stupid pocket holster it was riding in.  After taking a face full of Columbia’s most popular legal export and confronted with a counter offer of bullets to his previous barter exchange concept, the young gentlemen decided that discretion was the better part of valor and made all due haste in a westerly direction.

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Oddly enough, this is why I carry a gun that is intimidating in its own right.

Improvised weapons, I can do.  They work on their own.  But if had one of those (utterly adorable!!!! WANT!!1!!1!) little concealed carry pistols that I can carry quick-draw, then the only defense I actually have is the attacker’s good sense and pain.

With my 38 special?  I have nearly a century’s worth of TV in my favor, and it’s only slightly slower than what it would take me to get the kids out of the way anyways, which would be Issue #1.

There really is a good chance I’ll try to beat a Sneak Attacker to death with my CC before I manage to get it out of my carrier, but that would go for ANYTHING in my hands at the time.


The Children’s Crusade | According To Hoyt

pohjalainen | July 23, 2014 at 8:50 am | Reply

Yes, I know about Paris. And Stockholm etc.

Yep, if there was an attack from the outside we’d fold, without your help, fast enough. From the inside, that depends. Right now it could go either way, but what makes me think Caliphate will probably not happen is that it seems likely that these strangers who have been moving here may very likely go too far too fast. They are strangers, and it’s one thing when you are being told what to do by your own, something else when some group of strangers tries to do that, and they are trying to do it already. But we are still tribal, and right now it seems likely they will push us into reacting before they have the numbers to subdue us by force. One part is that their group has a lots of angry young men who are likely to fly off the handle regularly. And if the perception of them changes from the people who work the cafes and the hospitals into the people who may burn your car, not only if you make the mistake of parking it somewhere close to their turf but on your home street, or maybe even kill you or yours on some street on _your_ part of the city… there is resentment already, for now it’s mostly underneath the surface, but if they keep pushing that will change.

And remember that not all here are college educated cubicle dwellers. The descendants of the former factory workers are getting a bit restless as it is, but for now there is the money to keep even the out of work ones comfortable, they can pay for their beer and sports. Take that away while giving them a clear and obvious enemy living next door…and hey, the ruling classes may even help there, it’s a time honored tradition to stay in power by directing the anger of the subjects somewhere else, they protect those groups only as long as it is good for them, but if being pro-immigrant turns into an obvious liability politically they will most likely change their tune fast enough – or they will be replaced by rulers who do sing a different tune (and as you said, the money will not last forever, and the subjects will be very pissed once it runs out. The rulers – or wannabe rulers – will be on the lookout for suitable lighting rods sooner or later. An already disliked immigrant group might seem like a godsend.).

Now imagine a couple of those foreign looking angry young men killing a popular soccer star on the street instead of some unknown soldier…

But if they manage to push us into that backlash, well, we tend to change rulers, at most how the rulers are picked, not the system itself.

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Thor Cropped of his Male Member | John C. Wright’s Journal

But Marvel says the way to attract the female fans is not to have more romance, or more love stories, or more Loki, but instead to have beefy females who look like Soviet-era lady weightlifters smashing trolls in the tusks with a honking big hammer.

Really? I thought girls LIKED Loki? I am not sure why. Just because he is a Bad Boy and rebel who plays by his own rules but is tormented by inner demons and has dreamboat eyes blue as laser beams shot through sapphires? Girls! Who can figure out what they like?

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*gasping for breath*

*looks at picture again*

*loses it*

The lie of “immigration reform”


The last paragraph’s point needs to be repeated. Loudly and often.

Originally posted on Monday Evening:

The lie is the assumption that, once current illegals get their legalization, pro-immigrant activists in both parties will continue to support the second half of the bargain, the increased security.

The chaos in Texas shows they won’t. Faced with a clear hole in the border – with a wave of tens of thousands of undocumented Central Americans crossing into the U.S. in order to get in line for hearings years from now, which they likely won’t attend while they continue to live here – pro-reform activists have scrambled, not to show their border security bona fides, but to generate arguments and outbursts designed to let the new wave stay. — Lie at Heart of “Immigration Reform” Exposed

Many reformers do not really want to stop illegal immigration. They want illegal immigrants, because their business plans rely on illegal immigrants. Legal residents would not do the work unless their employers paid…

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Saber Marionette J and the Family

Originally posted on Medieval Otaku:

You know, its amazing how sometimes an anime can be based on a trite, fanservicey manga and yet contain a great high story.  This is precisely what happened in the case of Saber Marionette J.  (Don’t read the manga.)  I found myself surprised at the conservative tack it took in regard to the family.  As you know, the premise of this series describes a futuristic society on another planet which must survive by cloning.  Unfortunately, no women survived of the original settlers, which means that all clones are men.  In order to keep the memory of women alive, men make androids in the form of women, but these lack emotion–save in the case of our heroines and their opposites, anyway.  How miserable to be a man in a world without women!

A picture of our heroines' opponents for a change.
A picture of our heroines’ opponents for a change.

But, the shogun of Japoness has a plan for…

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In Re My ‘Sexual Tumult’ | National Review Online

Her reading comprehension skills need work. My clear point is that the law — you know the legislation Congress debated and passed — does not have the contraception mandate taken up by the court. The law gave regulators the power to create one. The Court’s decision doesn’t touch the law, merely the actions the regulators took. Take that, “reality.”

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