DarwinCatholic: Slate’s Fix for the Pesky “Lost Productivity” of Maternal Love

Let’s examine the terms of our discussion. Motherhood — the bearing and rearing of the next generation, in the most practical, most desirable, most easily accomplished sense — is “lost productivity”. Carrying a child in your own womb: “lost productivity”. Giving birth: “lost productivity”. Keeping an infant alive, feeding it, responding to its cries, holding, nurturing, loving it: “lost productivity”. Children, in short, are “lost productivity”, little time sinks best outsourced to the world’s indigent and uneducated, who have nothing better to do with their bodies or their lives but serve as incubators and nannies to those wealthy enough not only to buy a child, but a womb to put it in. Nothing is too good for our unborn children — no drop of alcohol safe enough for a pregnant woman, no raw cheese healthy enough, no breath of second-hand smoke pure enough — because the earliest intervention matters, the safety of the womb matters, unless someone really reeeeally has a good reason to buy a pregnancy, and then it’s okay that some poor woman in India sell her body as a surrogate, because the person with the money just wants it so much, right?

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I’m praying for you– in general, and for those Canadians I know and count as some level of friend; of course I’ve prayed for the murdered solder and his family, too.

I hadn’t even heard of the car attack from Monday until the gun attack yesterday.

I’m sorry you guys have to worry about this stuff.

LILEKS (James) :: The Bleat 2014

Harmless fun, I suppose. Darkness is edgy! But nothing edgy is edgy anymore; edgy is mainstream, and none of it means anything except rejection of whoever thinks it’s a little too edgy, and those people general don’t care and keep it to themselves. Poor moderns; it’s hard to shock the bourgeoise if they’re busy doing something else, like raking the lawn or organizing the spice cabinet.

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jordan179 – Lockheed Martin Develops Compact Fusion Reactor

The type of device is called a high beta fusion reactor, and it uses deuterium-tritium fuel — a fuel with approximately a million times the energy-density of oil.  Deuterium is a mildly radioactive and common isotope of hydrogen, while tritium is a highly-radioactive and rare isotope of hydrogen which must be manufactured (but can be done so relatively easily in the relatively small quantities required for nuclear fuel).   This is the easiest and lowest energy hot-fusion reaction.

This is really-monumental good news.

First of all, this is Lockheed Martin backing the project.  They would not have publicly announced this if they did not have a proof-of-concept, and they have the resources to see this through.  If you read the article, you will see that they are thinking of specific military and commercial applications, and ones likely to find significant financial backing.

Secondly, the time frame is that they will have a prototype operational within a year and practical reactors in service in about ten years.  This means that we’re now within about a decade of beginning the conversion from a petrochemical to a nuclear fusion based power generation system — the first such reactors should be coming into service in around 25 years.

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Neo-Victorianism on Campus | The Weekly Standard

Jane’s reactions are understandable, if hardly grounds for expulsion. While there are thankfully few actual rape victims on college campuses, there are thousands of girls feeling taken advantage of by partners who walk away from casual sex with no apparent sense of thwarted attachment. That such behavior conforms to the ground rules for campus sex doesn’t matter. What campus feminists call “post traumatic stress disorder” and fear of getting “raped” again is often rather a female’s quite natural embarrassment at reencountering a sex partner whom she barely knew and with whom she has no continuing relationship. Girls losing their virginity are at particular risk of being emotionally ambushed by drunken hook-up couplings. Though sexual liberation has stripped virginity and its loss of any formally recognized significance, the lived experience can be more momentous than girls are prepared for.

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DarwinCatholic: Sin Is How We Hurt People

But let’s be honest, most of us here and now have suffered more because of the “little” sins that we inflict upon each other than due to war or huge societal injustices. It’s only possible to imagine that God doesn’t care about sex and the many ways that we hurt each other with it and because of it if we narrow our frame of reference down to only the person we choose to care about, the person who wants to do something which is a sin.

Few of us have started wars, but many of us have started rumors. I don’t have the ability to wipe away social injustice, myself, today. But I do have the ability not to commit some petty injustice that would hurt one or two people.

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