Guns in Fiction: More Useful Information

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After I shared the link to my Mad Genius post on Saturday, Chris Byrne offered an assortment of articles he’s written on guns in fiction and real-life use over the years, and he gave me permission to put them all in one place to find again, and share with my readers.

There is a lot of really useful information here if you plan to have guns in your character’s hands.

Guns in fiction: for beginners

Guns in fiction: The Basics

Guns in Fiction: Two-Gun Mojo

Guns in Fiction: One Shot, One Kill

Mercury-Filled Bullets?

What is Point Blank?

Magazines: to load fully, or not?

How much trigger pull?

Bullpups: not a solution

And as I said in the earlier post, probably the best way to familiarize yourself is to take a trip to the range with qualified people to instruct you on safety and use…

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