Reblog: Defining Terms

Also a history lesson.

From political science PHD holder, Prof Ornery Dragon:

Briefly, socialism and communism are the brainchildren of Rousseau, Friedrich Engels, and Karl Marx (the most well-known names to the general public). Marx was the one to more fully flesh out what he hoped and expected would be the outcome of the Industrial Revolution. He posited that capitalism would evolve into socialism, the state ownership of all means of production. Socialism was the penultimate step on the road to communism, state ownership of all property (means of production and housing, all business, etc.). Fascism wasn’t even a thing at that point (mid- to late 19th century).

Lenin, in his tweaking of Marx (he had to take an ideology created for an industrial economy and force an agriculturally based economic system into it) announced that any system that didn’t follow his prescriptions was, by definition, right-wing. And the useful idiots (Lenin’s term) among Western intellectuals followed along.

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Author: Foxfier

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